What If?


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What If? What if sandwiches could talk? Cuz it looks like they have mouths. What if trees could walk? Cuz the roots look like legs. What if pictures were portals to the past? Cuz picture frame shapes look like small time machines. What if life was really a movie and you’re the main character of the cast? Cuz looking 1st person is kinda like looking into a camera. What if the world was like a video game? Cuz then you could be anything you want and have an infinite number of lives. What if every meal we had to eat stayed the same? Cuz then we’d grow tired of it and appreciate all the other foods. What if you’d receive a dollar for every new word you learned? Cuz then people could improve their vocabulary and get rich while getting smarter. What if for every five dollars you earned, one dollar would go to someone in need? Cuz then less people would be poor. What if every once and a while kids and adults switched places, so the children can lead? Cuz we need their innocent minds to correct the corruption. What if everyone wrote poetry to release and express? Cuz people need a method for the madness of the world. What if we were able to control time? Naaa that’s a bad idea cuz then we wouldn’t learn the lessons of life. These are the questions that run through my mind.


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