Everyone's telling me I should ask her out,
I think about her daily,
I wonder if this means I like her,
Will it ruin our friendship,
Will she even want me,
Tis better not to ask,
A good friendship is a happy one,
We talk almost daily,
I think she's pretty,
It just doesn't feel like the others,
Is it a crush or am I just confused?
I can't make up my mind,
Soon I'll be going off and I'll leave her,
That wouldn't be fair,
She says she's never dated,
So I would be her first kiss,
It would also be mine,
Would that just make it awkward?
And there's her confidence,
One wrong word and she could cry,
Would my parents even let me?
These are the questions that haunt me,
So what do I do?
I'm leaving it up to you.


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