Little White Lies

Sat, 02/15/2014 - 08:41 -- Dirah

Humans are such liars.

We talk about how much we want honesty among us, but then we turn around and lie to the very same people we told that to.

Now when I say 'lie' you probably think back to when you told your parents you were studying with a friend when you really went to a party. Or maybe you remember telling your partner you were working late when you were really cheating on them and having sex with your coworker.

Although those, too, are lies, I specifically mean the "little white lies" told everyday.

The ones that say you're on your way to pick up your kid when you're really still at home and haven't moved a muscle. Or the ones that say you'll give money to the kids selling candy outside the store but never do.

These are the lies that don't matter, the ones nobody cares about, the ones that require no effort whatsoever and will be forgotten almost as soon as they were told.

If it's not a lie worth stressing over, then it's not a lie at all, apparently, and should therefore not be treated as one.

A few weeks ago you told me you loved me and your last words to me were everything but. Was that, too, another lie I should have forgotten by now? Am I another string to your collection? Or should I be condemning myself for keeping that lie and using it on myself?


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