Questions Answered.

Where did it begin?

Glances exchanged.

Two lovers unaware of what God has arranged.

Interests shared, along with stories of the past.

Moments became years and the relationship was meant to last.

Where did it end?

The evening was the perfect warmth and the sky, the perfect shade of electric blue.

We didn't expect it and we never knew.

That valued unspoken words would cause this disaster.

That all the while we could've made it to the next chapter.

The sweet smell of his shirt upon my longing skin.

He was so soon gone and I was left desiring to be with him.

Why am I here?

Life had gotten in the way, we had questioned where we were and why we felt so bound.

We were so entangled with passion and we tried to slow down, but life had moved at the speed of sound.

Questions of our future that made us feel as if we were deers in the spotlight of two headlights.

Never doubt that love can sometimes destroy and the heart can become a bomb-site.

two lovers 

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