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  at the edge of the world I stand and take in the spray of waves on my face the expanding sky   at the edge of the ocean I wait for a sign
Inspired by Sil   Did you know that mountains are in the sea? You have to contend with the scary water. Sometimes you encounter mountain-like waves. Bear in mind that you are not a fish.
My feet hang down, warmed by the freezing water My soles brushing the pebbles that cover the bottom It feels as though the water is trying to drag my body away
Of Earth born and all shall return We age till of the urn we yearn   Of Air we need and of that we plead Knowing that soon of pain be freed   Of Fire aroused ire, soon all shall tire
Winter…. Is awful I spend five months (give or take) a year Every year suffering In the cold And the wind And the frigid expanse of dim lighting And depressed employees All for what?
I write a lot of my poems from my bathtub floor Soaking up sadness til the water gets cold Til my silence grows old Til my tears meet the water And the stanzas are told  
I have tears in my eyes for Haiti At Christmas But I am not crying At the midnight mass Tears could not stop flowing
The utility bills are increasing and I'm getting a meagre salary I've been receiving high water bills for the past four months And I'm tired of paying exorbitant electricity bills that I don't owe
Stretching between the sheet of blue, Clouds spotted the bright blue sky, The river glided, twisted and flew, The birds, too hot in the sun to fly, As the wind spun tufts of bright red dust,
So you ask me why I hate you And all I can muster is "because" You ask me because why And I tell you "because I don't" Well you don't what "I don't hate you and that makes me hate you"
From underneath a plush flora bedGaea emerges tranquil grassy facedflowery dreadlocks hang from her headfrom underground and her outstretched handwaterfall refreshing, a pond being fed,
Raging river from shallow fallscarves a gully amidst the bankseroding sullen earth's gauntletsqueezing it between twisted ranksplunging into the dark abysstumbling over the rocky planks
Spears of light reach towards the heavensas flames illuminate along waters edgeprotruding rock pyramids silhouettes,the sun is falling off the horizonas its beams hold the glow across the sky
Elementals of the worldwe all need to survivenot only to withstand their damagebut needing them to sustain our lives. 
In losing, but still finding In finding, feeling lostness In dreams achieved, you’ll notice  The unavoidable abyss  The chasm of the chase: ever yearning, never sate
THINKING ABOUT YOU Thinking about you and seeing you in an every imaginations. Yet crave your voice to hear, can't get asleep I think I fell in the water for you. Love in the air. Thinking about you. #C9_fm
Washing clean the rocks in A rainbow of thick moisture spraying off into the opaque depths Tangled streams of rain rushing quicker than gravity Eloquence of beauty translated into the speech of Roaring mist and pounding spray that careens into poo
Time was like water, But you were like wine Sweet ocean, bruised and black Bleeding the times
Time was like water but you were like wine Sweet ocean, bruised, black, and bleeding the times Yeah, time was like water but you were wine I cant remember when you were mine
A drop of water. Insignificant, invisible, powerless Falling down, down, down,  Onto the surface of a pond. Creating a ripple,
This is my opinion, rich people If you haven’t tried sugar and water, You don’t know what you’re missing
Swim, swim, swim, my goldfish love to swim Day and night they just swim around and play Four single tail goldfish in 35 gallons of rainwater One of them is orange and gold with black fins
Logged between the row of housesand the grassy banksruns the canal;it waters shimmering in the sunrays,twinkling like diamonds, The canal shimmering in Sunrise,as shadows dance within,the sun throwing his rays,like diamonds on the running canal. T
birds twitter abouthidden pond comes into viewwater laps softly. . © 2018 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved. 
I'm awful sure i never liked that damned book;  i always rushed through chapters so i could read anything else  before the bell rang. But when I open the windows nowadays 
Who left the tap on? When his building storm spills out,She is made to carry the overflow He refuses to call a plumberAnd there’s only so much flooding this room can take
You know, when you’re drowning, you don’t actually inhale until right before you black out. The instinct to not let any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head’s exploding.
Nature is my home, it inspires me to be who I am the outdoors is a stress reliever, a safe place. No drama. No gossip. Just peace   Nature is a place where you are persuaded by your own thought
the ice learned that she did not have to be rigid like the earth she clung to. laughing, calling out for themself, they reached out, let the sun in,
What is water Is it wet H2O what is that A colorless and odorless substance found all over earth
Down the rivers, waterfalls, lakes, streams, creeks The waters should be wary of the company that comes close to its mud rich borders Listen close, not to the woods that gives you its greetings
I let my head fall back Held up by nothing but the buoyancy of salt and water My body relaxes, slowly sinking down into the depths A million shades of blue.  
Water’s rushing in Filling the holes Blinding the eyes Hurting the soul   Water’s rushing in  Leaving the innocent helpless
You say I'm like water That can mean many things   Water can be smooth and calm Gentle, cool to the touch Water doesn't stay in one place It doesn't settle down much
Hot water deeper than the length of my hand. Three false candles illuminate the darkness. Like a dealer with cards Pandora shuffles.
The legs started going, Kept awake with water, Breathing, Arrogantly telling myself I’d stay straight. Drank gin and wine, Went out, Tried to buy more, Unshaven,
Maid of the Yonder, I call upon your brilliance of hope. Eyes bright like the sparkles of the sea, Lost in memory, stumped in desperation- May this song appease the tears you hold.
Podeidon, king of the sea. Realm of fish, crustacions, and cephalopods, but humans? Nah, not for thee. I offer you lots of fish. But, I have one simple wish. Stop dumping your toxic waste.
Goodbye and thank you to the Ocean Thank you for the memories The nights of walking along the beach The waves as they crashed at our feet   Thanks for the breeze blowing wind through our hair
Shed your skin of cotton with dirt and grime complete. Feel the smooth brown marble floor that’s cold against your feet. Turn the metal handle, almost entirely to the left. Feel the frigid arctic water that takes away your breath.
until the day I was dropped my foot held above water it breaks me now being told that I was unwanted
until the day I was dropped my foot held above water it breaks me now being told that I was unwanted  infantile amnesia couldn't take the recurring dreams of the deep dark waters below
I am by Christopher White   I am a fisherman with a rod I hear the water beating the soft rocks that lie in streams
Now the leaves are turning to shades of oranges, yellows, and reds, 1   and the ash of yesteryear's past has eluded me, as have my regrets. 2
Midas My name My claim to fame See I'm Waiting on a chain from a music mogul like the melanin filled money-makers sold out on the block Which is ironic cause now were selling on the block 
Stream bends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Slowly ends.           
In Dying Her body sank into the depths and embraced the sun.  
Rain droplets fell large and pure from the clouds above. Those become snowflakes. Droplets fell continuesly and soundlessly with time and efforts. Some of them are toxic that fell to be wicked and unclean.
The world is at its end, A primal war has begun. Mother Nature’s children are fighting To see who’s the strongest one. Who will win this war?
Of What Waters Do We Rise? From the depths of the Sea? The muck beneath the Reefs? Do we Cluster and Meet? Or do we simply Be? Do we brush by the Creatures and say Hi?
  The sunrise and the lake tides merged together as I sat on the cold stone concrete The colors of the sky dripped into color and the tides moved as precise as a heartbeat
Lost among the wandering waves Caressed by the windy days I’m alone and content As I float in the sea-drift   Far overhead gulls cry, “Land ahead!”
On the block, legs shaking head pounding, Breath in, breath out, take your mark, Go! Jump in with your might. As you are going, heart pounding, Butterflys roaring This is where you belong.
The bottom of the ocean. Not viewable to anyone. 95 percent unknown. Yet, many people do not fear it. I am not one of those people. Yet, my senior project was to swim one mile.
It is not that deep It will cool you off It makes my hard shell become soft The dangers of the big blue The one that cleanse you
Look at my face Look at This Face   I know her   These thin lips Small eyes Large cheeks   My eyelashes are short But long enough for their purpose
I can't watch the sunsetbecause it hurts my chest but I like the way the waves crash against the shoredragging it back down with the tide
The rain is my peace. My eyes were the ocean. My heart in ruins. I shook violently as the droplets struck me. . The rain is my peace., For she cannot see my tears.
 To win my heart, cross my roads  To get my love, you knock my doors  Let's to start, to earn cruise  To build a nest within love rose     Adore you much, looking forward  To keep in touch, even one word  Eager to fly, to reach sward  Where your f
the waves  against the shore how it tickles your ankles  lapping up against the shore  even as it crashes hard  the water coming to  your waist  knocks you back  but comes around 
The weight of the waves relentlessly presses down Crash after crash, no air left in my lungs Petrified, no energy to lunge No other hope but to drown   But even the air of the deep
Earth's ocean is dark So much of the black substance I am so angry
Lagoon. Clear like glass cup Uncovered by sunlight. No greenhouse gases are emitted. Lagoon.
Happy changes for ours to foray, that theirs were oceanand of black God, so could you know Ocean god was thisogod, or primal bei is hei. Thes lors, ast ou, ocean wasblack and fear, could know you in? No. But this deep could
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Have you had enough water today? . . . Take care of yourself! Geez! (I say this 'cause I love you!)
There's mystery in the depths of the sea. She is like a second home to me;  It's a place where I want to see miracles and breathe tranquility. She is the most beautiful of all existence.
Sitting along the waters edge the wind flows gently across the water stirring the current slightly. Rocks and earth bellow the water, as the water glides downstream it eases the senses to a place of calm.
I see the world in its beautyOthers see me in fear   I see the world in its graceOthers see me and sneer   Something calls me outA shriek, a scream, a screech  
Be as Water Be as water, Flowing from falls into silt, Creating pools and streams, Moving around rocks And through openings in Masses of reeds.   Be as water,
  and I am sitting in my bed and i see the water turn my doorknob, dissolve the door hinges and all I can think is that “orange” is the only word that has ever seemed to rhyme
Words like water,     wittling mountains into mines,     carving cathedrals into canyons. Epitaph like earth,     steadfast in resolve,     yet constantly changing. Fierce like fire,
Loving you came in waves.  At first, the water only touched my toes  With text messages and winking emojis Then the water was to my ankles You texted me every day,  It didn't matter what we talked about 
You touch the water and recoil I touch it and it comforts me My hands numb to the pain thw water should create My skin, bright red but unfeeling This pain doesnt leave a constant reminder
With her eyes closed  she jumped hitting the cool lake water opening her eyes under water she could see all the magical life it had to offer
I settled into the porcelain coffin, tiny bubbles and waves rippling, cascading over the past and the present.   My feet rose with the crack, an existential break in the mold of
a sky of blackbirds and blue jays  does never cross my mind   as much as deserts and cacti all be in short supply.   and though i of the sea proclaim the safety of my heart  
Thankful, I AM thankful for my life and the people that made it so.   who I now know as the first God I ever met, I AM bone of her bone flesh of her flesh. 
The saying goes, "If you place a frog into boiling water, It will immediately jump out. But if you place a frog in lukewarm water And slowly turn up the heat, It will stay in the water Until it dies.
I hear the sound of water,      gurgling, flowing, breathing with life The sound of water slapping stones,      pushing past the verdant reeds I hear the water join the song of a child,
Rooms capture nothing Without wallpaper Coverless books Dangle bare Eroding the roots Of cotton-bound truths
bring me whipped-cream foam on top of sea-salted air don't forget the occasional delicacy from the unknown shore where other customers are waiting--   here, bring them this feather
Why do you make me see the world the way I do? Why can't I see it the way I did before all the bad news? Why are you showing me the pain from people around me? Why do people find comfort in you when I can't?
  If you were to ever be looking for me I'll be where I feel the most free Standing with my feet in the water   Wondering about a second life  
  The return of the rain heralds ages of growthwhere leaves left forgotten to their last ending goeth. The return of the rain hails the heel of old firesmakes moss meet to grow on tall boreal spires.
  The trees they sway. The wind convey, Their branches all a ’swinging. The breeze can whisper, Make you shiver, On feathery wisps a ’winging.   The wind grows louder,
  Tall waves crash, High breakers bash, "Strong am I" It says midst clash, "For Fire burns, And Stone can churn, And Man can Learn, But Sea can last."
Driving home. Went straight instead of left and ended up at the dock facing that water running under and out from me to the foot of the colossal mountain
there's this jellyfishstuck in my headhe swims there day and nightand lights up the darkinside of my skulla bioluminescent, fluorescent jellyfishswollen and pinkhe likes to shock me
Those who love to swim learn the allure in the underneath: a clear pool seeing fearless feet loving to be weightless; an ocean, an unfamiliar world radiating life.   Vulnerability is still breaths while under water,
Dear Writer's Block, You have so much to say to a piece of paper,but I'm standing right hereplease acknowledge me,and tell me all you know. Your words are like rainI long for it during drought,to hear the drumming music,and wipe it across the sky
Free and flowing,It glides along the banks,On a journey of it’s own Sometimes rushing,At other times calm and glassy.
The earth sits, bare. How it wishes for there to be One to bring water to the deserted field. Let the seeds of the beautiful flowers and trees Grow and grow until the bareness can no longer be seen.
Dear Water, I never thought I’d fear you. Water, why were you rising so fast? Water, you surrounded me and everyone I love. Water, you took away so many lives.
  Death is slow Like a sick flower with bleak petals that no longer grow One by one, the petals begin to fall Unable to avoid the final death call  
  Frantically sinking into the Sea of Death Trying to catch a single breath A breath of life That--- for a moment--- can take away the constant strife
Dear Water, You have always been the love, Life of my Body. From my very existence, I have had you, By my side nurturing me. I could not live,
The beach, where the ocean overflows with joy at the presence of her visitors. Aching to touch, yearning to love.   Her waves push forward onto the beach to wash upon your toes.
You are the sun, I am the moon. Not entirely related, Not entirely necessary to have one for the other to survive. But both entirely important, But both entirely loved.  
I want to go where the water meets the land. There is a balance there. There is no sound like that which sand and lapping water share.  
Because I Love You I’ll believe in you Better yet I’ll listen to you As a matter of fact I’ll die and come back as Bruce Lee for you And make myself like water No form, No border
I can feel you slipping through my fingers What we once had was so solid I could grip it. At times, it was all I could hold on to. Now - you are falling, falling, falling... Dripping away.
Waves washing overhead, And I am nothing but a grain of sand Sitting aimlessly on the ocean floor.  Drowning, Just learning how to swim.
A quiet morning resonates a soul like stones dropped in clear water.
Man lives and dies By the same power. Water sustains life and drowns life. Fire kindles life and consumes life.   Why, God, must life end? Why must You give life And take life in the same way?
Step one is to think statistically To believe that you are different and unable Boy, You are not superhumanYou are neither Jesus nor Michael Phelps, so don’t you dare swim More than fifteen meters in
Today marks the middle of August, And quite possibly the middle of my life. But how can that be true when I’m only 16? Do I have a disease? Did I get into an accident that shortened my life? Or may it just be because of the people around me. Calli
He is a body of water I never tiptoe around I plunge headfirst arms firmly at my sides The depths are intoxicating, I breathe all the same
How do you sleep with so much in your head like a train circulating a mountain, full speed it's hard for you to go to bed like a victim fighting to be freed my mind gives me no peace
Liquid Gold. Not for long the sun will scold Destiny will unfold And dry up the foundation of life As the coal burns. We are giving up our fight To do what is right
Once upon a time on a hot summer day, the boys were being boys and the girls they played.Outside throwing frisbees, throwing footballs and the sound of jumping rope.A little black girl had a dry throat.As thirsty as can be she rushed in scurry lik
I miss the form. The elegant beauty of the landscape. That's what I'll call it, The landscape   It was like a landscape Long and lean, tended to Graceful and wind blown  
I told you I was water. You said you loved the rain. Yet, my touch made you shiver. And it turns out That depth terrifies you. And I, Well I was the ocean. -Harleigh Stillwell 4-12-17
Where has my strength gone? I used to I used to be so tough Never sleeping and all Wave by wave, I slipped up, grades sank And now I sink too Buoyancy, my old friend, is all I'm riding on
never ever will i write a poem that i need to put away and get out later i like the flow of the sink and the faucet of my thoughts that at the granite of my pencil, the faucet can churn a powerful stream of water
You look at me My liberty You smile, laugh, point What was once a democracy Is now an atrocity Totalitarian in nature But your fascist roots They run deep I see them
Splash! Blue Ash Deep Sea Dive In Here I Thrive Water engulfs me as I drift away, In this beautiful blue I wish to stay. Feeling Alive Deep Sea Dive Aware Air
Water flows                     through              the     river as a part of the outdoors It shimmers in the sea just beyond the sandy shore And it sits in your cup… so imagine it no more
Yesterday I looked into my teacupAnd saw the oceanI drank the ocean I was the oceanBefore I was a massive blue expanse stretching into a sapphire line where the sky meets meI was a boyI was a small drop of water on the mountain peakFindin
Standing at the ocean of my mind My fears like the waves lap at my toes At the edge of my thoughts Aggressive crashes and angry foam Threaten to drag me under
The crunch of your boots sends my sister quaking in fear. I hate you, But I am grateful you drained her of tears. Water is precious.  
The freedom I felt to express was so effortless, yet so natural and challenging.
I want to be something to give to people.  I want my words I one day write,  to make people feel something. To be so strong, they feel like you’ve been punched in the gut. 
Forgive me for I cannot see My eyes have been taken, My body into the sea A bag of bones floating on the river's surface A victim of circumstances, Out of my control,
Smooth as water.  But is water smooth? Do you think I'm smooth only because you cant grasp me? Once I solidify and turn into ice will you still like me? Even when I numb your fingers with frostbite?
Cool water floods my mouth, curing my drouth. Unless I'm underwater, then my life's thread is tauter.
A single tear of mines falls into the sea & turns the oceans tide. A bellowing depression sucking my soul deep into sadness is the whirlpooling vortex of the blue pulling the fisherman below.
Fishy, fishy, Swim, swim, swim,   What's it like inside your bowl? Is it hot or cold? Out here, in the air, The temperature is fare, But the serene life of you,
    Deep,       Deep,       Blue.    Blue hands.    Blue lips.     Blue lungs.   Blue hearts. Sinking down. To the vast blue ocean Of my stomach. Strangled.
I am water,/Flowing and ebbing and dipping,/Murmuring a silent scream,/My emotions are like a waterfall/rushing, never stable./ I am the earth/Crumbling, shaking, tremoring,/Cold, warm/without voice, without choice,/Alone, and overrun./ I am fire.
  I would like to learn how to draw an otter   My mother’s at sea and I’m her daughter   I daren’t go; I’m so scared of water  
Words are like water. They flow from the mouth as if it were a waterfall. They cause rain in the form of teardrops to roll down the mountains
puddles reflect many wonders they tales tales that make one ponder but beware for they reflect the present wonders Only oneself can create future wonders Oh puddles you make me ponder
The water ripples silently Like all my thoughts combined, I listen for the creak of oars; Such sound I cannot find.   You’ve been away too long, My Love,
where had my wacka gone 
A single loon floated above the winter  Harbor mist. Gliding between masts of sunken, Broken ships. Swirling circles like an eclipse Of the moon. An entrancing stillness heard there 
I don’t get stream of consciousness writing style. Sorry Virginia Woolf, I have too much running through my brain to have to comprehend what’s trickling through yours.
Boom! You are stuck on an island. No, not the actual island where there is sand surrounded by water, palm trees giving shade, and little critters burrowing themselves in the sand.
I’m 60% water Every cell in my body is living For that intricate H2O   I persevere to stretch My ambitions To be boundless Like the water That sneaks and slides
It’s crisp and clear It can suddenly appear It’s cold or hot It’s necessary for a yacht It’s refreshing and thirst-quenching Sometimes it’s drenching It’s cooling in the heat and freezing during sleet
Let’s cruise into the most divine abyss, The ocean of wonders! How dare squander. Let’s get lost in the sea, the best of bliss. The further we go, the more I wander.  
I am crafted like jello from hot and cold water, and I look like gems   My dog has taught me love is lovely and clumsy and slobbery  
Water hydrates me.  Water nourishes my soul. Water is my life.
Our words will stumble from my memory, and I will not feel any emptiness When the sun's light sees her own reflection In me.  And then I will miss you no more   I will walk with quiet footsteps;
H20 By Bethany Hughes   Water. On a deserted island; water would be necessary to drink, to survive. Water. Flowing throughout my body, through yours,
Salt! do not drink it; Needs to be purified to consume. Ingested in this state makes you vomit, Possibly put you in a tomb. Without it you’ll meet your doom. This cannot wait.
A cell phone, The big flat-screen TV. The materialistic things in life  That have become so commonplace, The easy answer for, "what can't you live without?" Well, I say something else.
Her hand danced on water Her feet like a ballerina's That smile reflects beauty Her skin flawless How could she be real? Did she come out of my dreams? That waterfall hair Deep blue eyes
Dehydration. Water the one thing I need. Water for me please.
I am going to live I am going to run with the stars and Scream at the sky   James Joyce will hold my hand And we will walk in a connected world As the trees mutter a familiar tune  
Stranded for hours on this lonely island Nothing to comfort or guide me. Not a bite to eat or book to read, Not a soul to sit beside me.   But my hope floats out on the water.  
I kill myself Slowly but surely Because I delve Into black lagoons.   The darkest depths Swaddle me, surrounding
On an island In outer space Across the world I couldn’t stay There Here Anywhere
Swirling chaos engulfs my feet Yet my heart is a welcoming port As those wicked waves batter the gentle world                 Endlessly                                 Thoughtlessly
Ever selfish gulls are rising in arcs,Knowing the waves and moreIn their squabble. Watching waves isn't watching water. They fight like the gulls. Restless and cooking,They're one, long groan.
If I were to travel, to the dull gravel, passed the brilliant water, I'd bring my otter, there's no dispute, he's super cute, so he'd be the one, that would bask in the sun,
I sowed seeds with love and hope Scattered them on earth  Giving them lots of space And warmth by burying it in soil Nurtured it with manure and water Sunlight and air will help me I was sure
As it roars and trickles against the rocks As it gushes and dribbles and never stops it will always stay blue and true its all about water  
While it may seem obvious, I simply must point out that what I need for living is the thing that causes droughts. When stranded on an island with this necessity all around I actually could swim in it
  Ocean eyes keep me in sight Its hand tenderly holding mine Ensuring I’m kept in the light The rolling waves, embellished with the unknown  
I gasp in fear as I for the first time see The frightening, frothy foam around me With selfish fright, I see the swiftness of the water Flowing steadily to you, my father  
Two Hydrogen One Oxygen  The one compound I need  To solve all of California's problems To grow all fruits and greens  To be able to build a sturdy sand castle  Fluid and solid in my dreams 
In the corner sits my daughter,Her skin dry and lips chapped<br>She begs those who walk by for water<br>The people walk by, their responses are apt<br>No says one woman, we need some for us<br>Although my daughter cries, an
A boat breaks down with every crash of the ocean's waves The salt is a catalyst carving in the wood, Small and detailed caves Sail is ripped and battered the treasures of the boat in the water they are scattered 
Like a misty, ocean morning, smokey blue pale enough to be grey, cobalt towards the western cliffs.   A fisherman sets out in the early chill with a fire lit lamp. It's glow shocking life into 
What I would give to be in Wyoming. Where mountains hug the sky and the wind whispers stories of yesterday. Where lakes mirror dusty pine trees and Father Sun is close enough to burn sunflowers
I am water formless flexible soft and slow powerful potent on with the flow   
I create the life within you the colours you see the vibrance in the atmosphere   I create the flowers the trees I provide for the creatures of this earth including yourself  
Heard trumpets from afar this morning, closed my eyes to embrace a memory of warm winds and white sand. The smell of salt water and Caribbean cuisine laid still in my mind, for a brief second.
The Stream Life is like a stream
It's wet             And loud The water             Sits                       On me                                 In me The noise             Chills The noise             Kills
Strangled by the showerhead She answers but she doesn't speak She's too busy staring at the wall Making sure it doesn't leak.   She sways and sinks, continues to think
After my work day is done
"It's a fair world" Heard often. "Humans are all equal." Another saying.   Five miles away, a well. The child sets off into the blazing sun. Footsore and weary, they arrive at the water.
the ins
Blue Betty, can you hear me? Twinkling Jingles, are sinking in the sea.   Blue Betty, can you feel me? Lost in Atlantis Osiris tell me how could this be?   Broken Neptune,
Stones under my feet It had always looked so big I hold my own hand
She was dying. Withering away inside herself.
you feel so at home in the water even though it's always changing. are you hoping that one day familiar waters will reappear and draw up something new if you check the ocean enough?
I can't breathe anymore. I'm drowning. How did I end up here? I am just failing, my inner self is cracking. Nothing is important anymore: my hopes my dreams nothing.
Awesome is life.
You are the element of life,
Balance my heart with a stoneYou will see that I'm sinkingI can barely breathe above the wavesBalance my mind with a cloudYou will see that I am soaringDancing with the wind
The ocean has
its the grass burrs stickig to your sock its the way the water looks wen you skip a rock. its the water glistening when the sun hits just right. its how it looks even prettier reflecting th moon night.
Oh, how I yearn to see the ocean again. The soft, cool foam drifts up the sand. It glides over my feet, And pulls me by the hand.   Quickly, it splashes my mouth.
 If I knew what drowning felt like, I might say I was If I could find myself, I would start looking If I could become water, maybe I wouldn’t drown   The weight does feel like endless fluid
The sun shined, and the sand burned, The waves were soothing and calm, My hair soared while the wind turned, The hot sand was grasped in my palm.   I felt a sensation of unexplainable joy,
Our playpens are coliseums
The water laps against the boats, A deep, cerulean blue. The white sails flap, flip in the wind As the boats sail through. Oh, to be aboard One of the creaking, wondrous vessels;
That feelining of...the cool waters, light blue wave, a tall glass filled with water, the clarity of the water, the warmth of the water, jumping into the water, the coolness on your body, the burning on your body,the water moving around you, the
My fingers are faucets Fixtures that connect my soul to the materials I use to express it An outlet for the words that hide just under the skin, Scared of judgment
Feel the softness of the waves. Feel the warmth of the sun. Feel the peace of the day. My mind and body together as one. Toes in the sand, splash of the water. Sunshine in my hand,
I'm falling further from myself,  Down into the depths that threatens, To swallow me whole. The water rushes about my face, It fills in the space left by my body. This is where I die.
I'll slip away from this physical existence. Into the water my soul goes swimming.  The timing may have been off but life seems to find it's balance I breathe relief underwater.
I am a body of water Stretching far and wide Beyond and away From my shores, to some unknown Place And my body is the water It rolls and ripples And my mind is the water Calm and glassy
I speak in undulations to you- formless master (nourishment has no price except existence)
No Laughing No Screaming No crying Not even a sound Climb up the rail Its summer So the water isn't too cold But its night so the water looks black How deep is the water?
Soothing sound of water Sprays mist on your face Waterfalls have such power And grace!
When Blue Reflects Upon Waves   I’m staring, always staring, forever staring, No focus in sight, yet a bright future yields token, Novel, arguably plausible possibilities.
Behind my “I could kill a man” exterior I am bubbling with little joys Happy thoughts and events like counters At Disneyland filing in and through On their quest to experience some joy  
In a too familiar whim of feeling drowned, I jump onto this raft that manifests
    Oct 16   The air is cool A steady stream of water pushing against the shore Taking bits of it with it as it recedes back to its home over and over and over again.
It's started and it's hot. Go outside I will not. I tell poeple I'm allergic to sun, And yet I do want to have fun Outside that is. Of course the summer is what I like
I ride with the waves
Smiling is contagious, You catch it like the flu. When a person smiled at me today, I began to smile too. I passed around the corner, And a man saw my grin. When he smiled I realized,
Oh! Bringer of water, thou hast lost me! Why must I cry for help that fades Into a deeper abyss I flee
You used to whisper into my ear sweet nothings I love you, I would never hurt you, Leave you, I will only and always love you.
Dirty feet and white sheetsLovers down and oceans foundTravel with me and discoverWhere we are and where we are meant to be
A baptism. Though maybe not. A popular fear, I call it my home.   Diving in I feel alive Letting bubbles play chase They reach for the sky, I reach for the depths.  
I'm that weird girl that sits in the back The quieter you are the less attention you attract Though I'm not the only one who would rather it dark At times I find those with that same unique heart  
This is the land I walk uponEntranced by its natureI heard the rain fall
Emotions share Many Similarites With water, both are Vital
And the whippoorwill twilled,  While over rocks water spilled, Green grass in the fields blew, And sweet lipped Mocking Birds o'er head flew. 
The river flows backwards
you think there's an ocean of things  you've yet to learn about me but there's really not that much   it's more like a pool in that  it isn't so infinite or mysterious but still waters run deep
Turning through the world never having and ending and never controled.
Ode to Arizona on a Hot Summer's DayWritten by Adam M. SnowOh sweltering is summer's day of bliss,
I have learned to appreciate water for it’s omnipotence   
Pitter patter pitter patter The rain falls so softly As I sit and drink my coffee Thinking to myself how peaceful that day would be Sitting there writing poetry Sinking in my chair
You make me look forward to the morning. That crystalline smile like a sunrise resting against still waters. I get lost in your calm and collarbone kisses seep down into my soul like dawn dew.
You have to love me for who I become what I create, what I say, what I see, what I give, not what I take. You cannot love me for what I need what I want, what I’ve been given.
A shot fired across the decka weakened hull. A turning tide.Well, all our anchors hang on chainsand dangle off our changing minds.
Just breathe in and out and again.This smog that clouds our mind-placing us in the realm of Negativity-will pass.
Trembling, he sits and waits for the news. Something terrible happened. His mother had called him in the middle Of a chemistry test, His favorite class. “Tyler,” she had said “I need you, come home.”
Blood is thicker than water
Water rushing through the mountain valleys dragging every stone not firmly rooted,  drowning just to resurface in an unknown region. And before long, the current sweeps the few, back under its brute force again.
I am tethe
Game's over. Quick Get me some water! Ah! You've got ice too? Thanks!   My sweaty palms touch the glass, Feeling the freezing water with my hands
Ever so thirsty Yearning for one single drip That will never come
Keeping these thoughts from driving me crazy, I watch the twist and turns of reality and my life just passing by,
Hands reac
Flitting through the trees She runs Like the quicksilver moon High in the clear night sky   He passes through the dark trees Striding onward with some mysterious purpose
water drip  drop  drink  sip  slow  water 
My true love My elegant goddess
The world isnt fair, If i could change on thing it would be the share, Many humans die every day from lack of water, and our Earth's sun continues to make it hotter. People suffer every day,
I've yet to swim in the darkest depths, for I never want to stay on the surface.
One time, i wrote a poem On a piece of paper with  No lines. And i cried, Smudging all the little letters. The ants drowned by Saltwater. They thrashed and thrashed and thrashed,
For about an hour or so I sat there in the shower With the water turned up to fire. I let the water douse me in its flames Until my skin burned red. I gave myself permission to cry, Yet no tears came.
So I walk aimlesslyWithout aim   Where did I come from?Well, that’s a trivial matter  
Miles of walking The privileged get in steps
❤ The warmth burning my skin
Everyone knows what happens
It came upon a dream one night,
Food, water and shelter That's it.. That's what I would focus on If I had the chance to change the world. I'm serious, all other issues aside   Food, water and shelter would be my key topics
Learning to swim,
people and water drops are all the same, one day we shine, one day we are dull some are big
The sound of the crashing waves Keeps me at bay With a pound of thunder As the sound gets greater I wait until later to come around   The sun goes down I wonder off to the crystal waters
            She went for a swim. When the sun was high and vicious and scalded the ground she walked on, she went for a swim.
Thirst, irrelevant right?Kind of like the air in the night.Not noticed unless exposed.Whether it's dry lips or undisclosed.A feeling seldom metuntil you're out of sweat
Closed my eyes Heart rate slowing down I begin to hear my own beating heart   The waves move to my heartbeat Inhale, my lungs expand Just to smell the salt of the water   To my surprise
Have you e
Something told me to take a walk.  I listened.  I grabbed the dog and out we went Down to the woods where the wild things live.
Paddling so hard from the water wall behind. Too slow and i fall. Then I tumble and I roll to submerge to the unknown.
The aquatic garden, when seen from space, is vast, mystical, and blue It has many unique, sea creatures living in it too Some burrow, some float, some dart from side to side
Rainy, cold sharks quietly desire a rough, rough reef.Why does the wave wave?
Deep breaths drawing in nothingRunning out of airOnly now starting to panicWondering what went wrongNot able to struggle much longerIt starts to get blurryNo longer strugglingGrey eyes close 
All will be awaken in this light And one day all shall rise from the lands great precipices And into the water above them all
Born of water, And of ice, Warm exterior to suffice. Raised from dust, Breath of life, Born into eternal strife. Set up walls,
This thing of love, of loving and being loved. It consumes me in the gentlest of ways,  softly washing over me until I've been covered up; a blissful drowning. I've become willing to risk hitting a shelf 
Speak now of your fallacies, to you I will not judge. Tell me all that concerns you and to you I will listen. You pull me down into the water into the depths of Hell- but these places I know familiar
The briny breathes of the Humber welcomed my parents to the its shores, and left their cheeks flushed along with their hair unkempt.
Dream of me in the depths of your despair, and a beacon of what once was will appear. Dream of me at your happiest moments, and wish that I could be happy too. Dream of me when you are angry,
He waded through the water anxious, like flame in the wind.  The molecules engulfed his feet  entirely, washing his sin.  The night's stars were gleaming bright, crying out to him. 
inside a passenger seat breathing in a static driveleaving rolling hills to the ocean's waveslet's slip into the sands.hide inside our skinand dive deep.
Lace up running shoes, Hit the trail; Lost in thought, Discover yourself
nocufsoin Confusion, oh the deep waters of confusion, It swallows you whole and stirs up your thoughts. You feelings drop down to the bottom, dark and sandy,
The waves lieBehind a wall of whiteDashing away before they'veEven begun to hang theAlbatross.   
We cannot live without it It brings bottled hope to the days of Sunburns and sweat It is our food, bodies, miracles, and love   Listen closer
I'm what the doctor ordered. I can fix you up no matter what you got. I am always there for you, miles away I surround you, fall on you everyday.
Water Clear, Wet Freezing, Chilling, Soaking Swimming, Soaking, Drying, Walking Warming, Heating, Drying Green, Dry Land  
My mouth waters like the demon I struggle with becoming I think one thing is right so I jump into its fire Fuck my personal desire I'm stuck trying to work for you and in the progress I've stepped backwards into the second circle Goddamn I want to
  The words envelope me, Comfort me, Free me, And let me speak without saying a word. Each sylabl ringing, clearing my mind, and rolling off my tongue with every annouciation.
I see the serene water gently drifting by, As the sun shines bright where I lie, Peace is around all around where I see,  Yet there is a problem lingering with me, My heart feels frantic and tries to escape,
         Bare Handed Catch Water Splashing in my face, Bouncing on the waves, Going light speed behind a motor boat Soaring like the eagle Swish, Swish, splash, going side to side
I think about you when you're not by my beside You live miles away so that's almost all the time Even worse we're going to college separate ways  Both hoping the relationship will never fade
Under the cold salty ocean Bright scaley fish are plunging against the west wind drfit The sound of crashing waves is to music to your ears The oceasn water is azured as the clear blue sky
Wisps of air pranced through the blades of grass under the creek And danced atop the dorsal fins of the creatures of the deep And found under the surface of the water
That perplexing blueKnocks the air out of youjust by lookingMakes you breathe inSalt foamsFeeling grandyet shrunken listeningto the tossing clap of the waves  Waves like mountains
I.Capture the sea,the swimming wind,the blue and the greena lovely stranger’s eyes, liquidthey seduce, lull, glitter.Breathe gently into greenuntil they are like blueribs upon the water
I watched my motherfrom under water. Therewas a perfume risingoff the morning sea.She sang slow andbreathed it all in. She watched my heartslowly softening.
Sandy beaches Peaceful, content Tickling your feet as you walk along Waves crash building up power Crushing seashells till they are no more than Sand You stoop to retrieve one
And they said that everything about you was perfection and that made me believe that you were the perfect guy for me. You took me places and held my hand, then I fell for you and you became my best friend.
It all started with just one word, hey. Hey, let's learn about poetry.   Poetry, the Key to opening Life's Door, The Key to freeing the unknown within. Poetry, the Key.  
Well, well, well. We can't live without. Though, sometimes you're clear. Sometimes you're not.  Sometimes you're cold. Sometimes you're hot. Simply, nearly one billiion need you.
Water water everywhere pull me away don't let me stay Float away don't know to where   eyes closed the waters cool bring me away from all the cruel leave me in safety enclosed  
Threatening waves crash over me, they pound the life out of me.   I hear what seems to be screams in the distance,   But it’s me.
It’s forever been a struggle to meet in the middle, The waves want to overtake the sand, But the sand wants to hold their own Constantly battling to have control
I raise my glass to my face in thought. Evaporating from my mind, I, in oblivion: the paramount essence. The essence of what? I think. It escapes me. I think. The quintessence of something. Of what?
When I run, I am free, my chains are broken. My shoes are like the13th Amendment; I am no longer a slave to society. When I run, no one can own me, the road becomes my empowerment. Strength, Struggle, Satisfaction.
The water was clean, the water was clear The water was felt and fell over her Through her hair and to the nape of her neck It ran down her shoulders, onto her back Clear, clean, and cold it crept to her soul
To the lakes, Oceans, Waterfalls, Oceans you fill with purity The fish and sea creatures swim You give us all you can give To the waves that move on your surface Down riverbanks you flow
We sank our toes into the sand beneath the water While I told him how my father was like his father's father.
The night’s young but the tide is high The black skies that petrify Lying on the shore I let the tide engulf me The ice cold embrace of the water drags me down Sinking like a stone I submit to the water’s grip
Exercise is good for you, Blood, sweat, and tears, will get you through the deepest blue and fit throughout the years, you may not like it at the start but then you get addicted,
A cold winter night Oh such a beautiful sight The gentle breeze Yet you never freeze Coldness against the cheek Wet grass beneath the feet Chills down the spine In a straight line
I want to feel the ocean breeze, I want to feel the light of the moon As we lie together on the sand, I want to hear nature's melodious tune.
Above the river's bank rising slowly in the sky, casting a reflection upon the water. Saving the world from total darkness the moon finds its place among the stars
Hands drift through always cool You a lake, ocean, puddle, or pool Through your touch transcends a calm Your current touches every palm Water moves against me smooth The true fountain of youth
The sun it shines, regardless, The grass it grows, oblivious, The water it sits, fathomless. The moon it reflects, lovingly, The tree it stands, determinedly, The sand it moves, impulsively.
Intensity, intuition, in love Intellect, practicality, and ration are all of thee above Passion, emotions, and feelings are what drives us Lying,deceiving, and cheating is what divides us
We walked by night, dropped our troubles As though the water we tried to avoid cleansed us, But it didn't, did it? We walked on in conversation or in silence, And either way I felt privileged to be by your side.
Beast of the drum. Songs to hum. Songs to last, memories that pass. Sunny skies, waves passing by. Blistering heat brings a tear to my eye. Sorry I cannot stay, Stray, Runaway.
Blending together, they are. Like reflections on water. Memories, like a cookie jar. These thoughts they slaughter.
Water Is odorless and tasteless Formless and shapeless but at the same time all shapes because water can shape shift (React and adapt to vibrations)
Rivers and oceans And lakes all around, Just search one of them And trash can be found. Water gets worse As time passes on, Just keep on polluting And your drinks will be gone.
They say A small stream carved The Grand Canyon Maybe that's why I'm so afraid of water Crumble (you're tired)
Oh how I wish that I could stay under the blue and beneath the waves, exploring secrets that remain unseen even by scientists in a submarine.
Her toes curl over the weathered wood. She watches the sun bounce off the waves, minnows swim peacefully below her. She looks across the lake, kids play and splash while botats speed by.
Pearls of drops are ours to count As graceful as they fall, So as to, later, try to mount The throne of pride o'er all.
I watch her shimmer and dance from the shoreline While the sunset adorns her in gold she’s calling so sweetly, my Aquamarine For our friendship is many years old
The water is a clear blue It warms and guides us On a path none travel. To rare adventures And dangerous tales, We travel this path And seek adventure From unknown territory.
I've fallen victim to the sea. Now I can't catch my breath, and I'm constantly reminded  of the unending wrath...
Silver lines trace down a foggy pane; Sliding, slipping through their descent. A cold night glare streams through, Showering the window with light Stunning images like dreams stand shimmering on a wall
Apples, chicken, peanut butter too, all these foods are good for you turkey, water, anything green, nourish your body, its a mean machine running, walking, lifting weights, ooo
Imagine this. You need to shower, but the water heater broke. You don't realize you can borrow your neighbors shower. And you're not entirely sure when the dang machine will be fixed.
The swaying of the trees Puts me at ease In the midst of anger The strong wind against my face Brings me to reality Realities of the world
The voice of the sea is severe-- scolding, rebuking, mocking, laughing at the soul who dares enter its sorrowful abyss. But who could resist a voice so enticing?
Across the boardwalk Over the dunes On the sand Near the water To the hotel
(poems go here) When I was young I gave my soul to the sea. Sometimes I will swear to you that the waves ebb and tide where my blood should be.
the edge of tide, the edge of reality. Water is a mirror of Ourselves, with no place to call home. Calm or Turbulent, we are still us.
White Shifty The Sand Allows my toes And foot as a whole To pass and Sink some Inches Down Setting Like the Tangerine sun As it slips away Past the edge
What does water taste like? I ask you “Nothing” is the only answer that’s true But how could this crazy fact be true Science can easily explain this to you
Stepping over that imaginary line between Suburbia And Darkness The woods are going to eat you up
I’ve bathed...
People love to tell you that “You are the captain of your own soul!” What they neglect to tell you Is that they are at the helm And should you hit an iceberg It is you who must go down with the ship.
My heart should be as large as the Grand Canyon. Love rushing through it like water, carving it out, squirming its way in, making it wider, deeper, more soulful. It should beat for those who love me,
On the dark cliffs full of shadows The river is rushing, the water crashing Headed towards the inevitable fall
Every other summer we travel to Michigan The landscape's so open and calm The beauty of the tall hills of sand The beauty of the freshwater lake
Stink like a bear stuck on a tree trunk Baby you smell like a nasty payment Wishing you had soap you couldn't buy Old bread in your Ice box Ted in your knee trunks Girl your boyfriend got a stinky job
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