Siren song

This is the land I walk upon
Entranced by its nature
I heard the rain fall

Plip plop
I heard it fall
Drip drop
I know its call
It falls off the trees
And lands on its leaves
It pools in the ground
Gives life to this town
It sparkles and glistens
I'm still as I listen
To a land where a siren sings

A beauty unbound
Lives within this small town
We smile and cheer
When The bells ring a clear
And falling sound
The voice of the siren sings aloud
Hear me hear me
With The dance of the sea
I am the one that sings to thee.

The rain keeps on falling
She dances with ease
Into the forest
Through branches of trees
I run on after her
To hear her sing and cry
Before I knew it
she sprouts wings and flys.

This is the land of sireon lee
I walk in the town
Was bewitch by the sound
Of the rain that fell by me.
I listen and wait
I dance and I skate
To hear her sing her siren song
This is the land I walk upon


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