My name

My claim to fame

See I'm Waiting on a chain from a music mogul like the melanin filled money-makers sold out on the block

Which is ironic cause now were selling on the block 

people just want you to buy and buy and if your not making me money than by and by 

Cause if your not making me money your just being swayed by the Tide

Washed by the waves still stuck in your Pod

and the Challenge Kills You

as you try to stay a float 

See I don't have that problem

I Started the wave

my life span is the lambda 

I was born to get paid I walked around with my hand out

Still never got a hand out

That's how society raised,

A sun-kissed poet but I'm Blessed cause not everyone gets  blessed by the Sun

It causes my mind to dilly dally like Daedalus' son

Ignoring warnings about the sun 

But Icarus wasn't wrong he just got near the wrong SON

only to be tossed by the waves

A Sine must be shown to the people to start a wave

Like an egg needs a sperm an artist needs a CoSine

to start at One

When there is no CO-llaboration an artist must start at Zero

Much less of a hero than your ten year old self thought

But at least by the end you'll be more aqua man than aqua lad 

By then you might even have a little man-ta raise

And an army or mer-men, sorry, more men 

Behind your following

Your movement

Your wave

Mine is tied to a chain 

My claim to fame

My name

J-T Midas

Whats up



This poem is about: 
Our world


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