So you ask me why I hate you

And all I can muster is "because"

You ask me because why

And I tell you "because I don't"

Well you don't what

"I don't hate you and that makes me hate you"

And we stand, in stunned silence

Staring back and forth

Forming a portal between the reflections of our eyes

Endless realities dancing in glass and sand

For you to draw a deep breath and say

But if you don't hate me then how can you hate me

And I say "You're missing the point"

Hate is such a strong word

I've watched it tear kingdoms to pieces

Extract beating hearts from caves with bare, unclean hands

I've seen it spread out like a wildfire and consume everything in it's path

Except the flames atop candles

Which only burn to join it in its violence

And I know what true strength is

Because I have held that fire in my arms as it wept

I have fed those flames when they starved

I have given that fire nearly everything I had for it to burn

And STILL it wanted more than I would give

Still it begged me for fuel

I say that I hate you because I cannot hate you

Because I know of only one other word that holds within it

The same strength as hate and that is


And surely I cannot say I love you, can I?


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