Sweet Nothings

You used to whisper into my ear sweet nothings

I love you,

I would never hurt you,

Leave you,

I will only and always love you.

And in your arms I would swoon and sway

Like the Ocean

And you were the Moon

My surfaces became alive from your pull

Like gravity

I fell for you

Deep, deep, deep

I sunk to the bottom to what I thought was love

But when I got there it was dark

There was no light

There was no moon

An infinite sea of nothing surrounded me

It was cold down there

I wasn’t floating

I was drowning

I finally realized it,

Once I sunk all the way down to the



Depths of the cold water,

Why they call them “Sweet Nothings”

It’s because they are words

Sweet like sugar

But that’s all they are

Words, empty like the infinite depths

Of nothing.





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