Blood is thicker than water,

Blood is thicker than water,

but it’s rather miserable suffocating in your own blood and being told to be




for the dirty blood that runs in your veins

when all you want to do is slit your wrists open and drain your body dry 

I’d rather choose my own water source and swim in it

than have even a drop of blood in me

that makes me want to rip my own organs out

Stop forcing your morals on me

your life lessons that don’t teach me shit

the proverbs shoved down my throat

“Yes mam”,

“Please and thank you”,

“oh of course I’d love to do everything you ask me to even though I live every day of my life hating it”.

Wisdom ain’t worth shit to me

when it comes from hypocrisy.

Take your own dirty glares,

condescending tones,

disapproving clicks,

chastising blows

and feed it to the ones back at “home”

that you love so much,

that you pity so much,

that you worry and fret over,

because they’re your blood.

And Blood is thicker than Water, right?

Well then I am 100% dihydrogen monoxide.

And you see right through me. 
And I wish I could evaporate.


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