Ocean Traveler

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 01:25 -- Shikaku

My true love

My elegant goddess

My peace maker


I dream of being with her

I have never met a more soothing being

I love her for what she has given me


The ocean has given me the desire for freedom



Water gently laps my feet

drawing me in closer

Giving in

I let myself become engulfed


My hair flows with the clear blue hands stroking it

My skin cools from the calming contact

My nose fills with the familiar fragrance of salt

My ears catch the sound of swift spirits sprinting pass me

Most of all

I taste freedom



When I was a child

I could not stop myself from being fascinated with the ocean

That fascination has turned into a fiery love

I will follow my love till the end

all the way to the darkest depths

I overcome fear with my unwavering devotion for her majesty

In the near future

I will become a marine biologist


I dreamt about the ocean

for too long to let her go

I want to learn more about the ocean

a teacher with vast knowledge

I want to earn the trust of the ocean

so she will show me her secrets

I want her to love me back

as I have loved her



Becoming a marine biologist

means more than earning my dream career

It moves moving forward from my past

and gaining the freedom I have yearned for



The day I become a marine biologist

I will stand proudly on a research boat

as I smile with sweet bliss

My shoulders will be set back

showing my confidence

My hands will cling onto the railing

showing my excitement over my adventure

My feet will be firmly planted on the deck of the boat

showing my readiness to face any obstacle


The wind will run pass my hair

The sea breeze will bring tranquility to my heart

The ocean will open up before me

Reunited at last


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