There is no such force 

as powerful as water. 


It brings life to the 

living, caressing leaves, 


and tickling tongues 

of gazelles and lions 


Gaggling streams and 

rumbling rivers wash 


over eroded 

river rocks lining shores, 


gushing out into  

deltas the size of states. 


The water runs deep 

out past the Gulf and the  


humid Caribbean, 

to the Atlantic and 


the Indian, wrapping 

around the Pacific. 


Teeming with countless 

lives, like phytoplankton, 


giant blue whales, squids, 

starfish, and lionfish, 


creatures unforeseen 

lurking in the darkness 


luring prey with bright  

lights, clever camouflage. 


Only fear the ocean 

out of a respect; 


Floods devastate countries, 

but babes crave a drop. 


It can push over boats 

and toss ships like salads, 


But a river grants a  

certain kind of access. 


Hurricanes, tsunamis, 

sharks, stingrays, sea snakes, 


Camping lakeside in spring, 

rain during heated droughts, 


Showers and bottled 

water, made fresh from scratch. 


There is no such force 

as powerful as water. 



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