Frog In Lukewarm Water

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 08:53 -- eos.ago

The saying goes,

"If you place a frog into boiling water,

It will immediately jump out.

But if you place a frog in lukewarm water

And slowly turn up the heat,

It will stay in the water

Until it dies.

And that's what an abusive relationship is like."


Many people think,

"If you know that,

Wouldn't it be easier to leave?

If you know that it will undoubtedly


Why don't you get out now?"


It is not that easy.


I am the frog.

And he is the lukewarm water.

He is safe, and he is just right.

He envelopes me,

He nearly drowns me, but I am so safe.


He turns up the water.


Cruel words, harsh realities,

It hurts, but

"He doesn't mean it.

He's just having a bad day.

He's been feeling off lately."


Do not make excuses for him.


He is turning up the heat,

He is purposefully making you suffer

To make himself feel better.


If he tells you that you are not

Good enough,

Smart enough,

Kind enough,

Strong enough,

Skinny enough,

Curvy enough,

Quiet enough,

Loud enough...


If he tells you that you are not


He is wrong.


If he tells you that you cannot do better,

Or if he tells you that you can

But he will go mad without you,

If he threatens you

With your life,

Someone else's,

Or his own,

He is wrong.


You will make it.

You will escape him.

You will realize that

The parts of yourself you have hidden

To make yourself more

Convenient for him

Are too beautiful to hide.


The funny thing

About humans

Is that we are not comparable

To frogs.

You may not sense

The warming water,

But before it is boiling

You will have the strength

To jump out.


You will not die in

His boiling water.

You are too good for that.

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