My Liberty Chastise Me

You look at me

My liberty

You smile, laugh, point

What was once a democracy

Is now an atrocity

Totalitarian in nature

But your fascist roots

They run deep

I see them

Weaving through the playgrounds

I see them killing PBS

I see them poisoning our water

I see them dismantling the EPA

I see them destroying everything

I see them building walls and pipes,

Instead of bridges

I yearn for the day long gone

When brothers and sisters 

Could understand

Sharing, caring

Compassion, love

Do you know what it feels like,

To not have your government be corrupt?

Waking up every day,

The news, the press, the net, the telly

Everything that entertains you,

It contains you

You are fine

You are great

Everything will be ok

Say these things

Five times fast

For this complacent peace

Will always last

Forever and ever

You shall go on

While your government does the world wrong

This poem is about: 
My country


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