Water Fall

Rain droplets fell large and pure from the clouds above.

Those become snowflakes.

Droplets fell continuesly and soundlessly

with time and efforts.

Some of them are toxic that fell

to be wicked and unclean.

But some of the droplets are pure from toxic,

just clear as the clouds above.

Then, nature thrives momentarilly

with droplets of water.

This poem is about: 
Our world



The movement of water came from the clouds that became rain as it fell on the running

river and oceans. The movement was repetitive from the clouds to the bodies of water

and onto the world. Not all pure water came from the clouds, it came from 

the factories that produced pollution that contaminated the rivers and oceans

with unnecessary toxicity. And also it impacted the community worldwide for drinking,

cleaning, using, and so on. That was still existed today producing water for the poor

and rich people.

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