Just add water


I am tethered

To this privileged reality of war by the anchor of a pencil digging into my arm

Inhibiting me from drifting to oceans of sleep

The combined accumulation of all

our years of deprivation, the sea

Where my eyes wish to fish for dreams

But exiting this sheltered paradise of a harbor to

cast wider nets is not

permitted some dreams float

within the length of an arm

reflections on the water can deceive

Make you believe

That dragging them onto to the deck

Of your unsinkable ship

Will save them from drowning


I love how water
is a necessity to the lives
of us of every poem
why must that simple odorless
liquid be included always
I suppose we die without it
and maybe the poem does too
But you can die with it, too
and you can die without
you must live with it, you must live without


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