❤ avalie hallie mercy❤

❤ The warmth burning my skin

is not what defines me

I can be evil .❤ 


❤ long frosty blonde lockes

brightly blue frozen ice eyes

my skin smooth cream .❤ 


❤ Promiscuous , sneaky , hellish , impulsive

I have no Warmth babe

Fake , sickly sweet , Mean .

Thick with mascara lashes❤ 


❤ Cold cold eyes behind them

Eyes that scream mean .

I am icily gorgeous❤ 


❤ this waterfall of silk hair

is not a halo .

twin sharp bright eyes❤ 


❤ do not see the damage

the ice queen dealt .

if you could feel❤ 


the pain inside of them

cold eyes would tear .

The thick mascara run

Staining these porcelain perfect cheeks

The doll would crack .


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