Element of Life

You are the element of life,

You come in many forms to make your presence known.
Some days you are the silent river flowing through life, finding its own way to simply exist in the world without making a sound.
Some days you are the rain,
Bringing life to all who surround you,
Resurrecting things that were believed to be lost.
Creating peace in a world of pain and death.
Some days you are a hurricane.
Your passion becomes the crashing waves,
Your anger becomes the strong tide,
Your pain floods at the feet of those who know you.
But my love,
Most days you are the tears of joy that fill my eyes.
The rest of the world may not see or even know, but that's the beauty of being alone.
In those moments of silent mouths and relaxed bodies, 
You and I become one. 
I feel the life that runs through you.
Water is something that is needed, and baby I need you.


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