Mon, 08/26/2013 - 13:53 -- CoreyD


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My mouth waters like the demon I struggle with becoming I think one thing is right so I jump into its fire Fuck my personal desire I'm stuck trying to work for you and in the progress I've stepped backwards into the second circle Goddamn I want to kiss you
Goddamn I want to make you
Goddamn I wish I was fueled less by conscience
And more by ID. No I don't
Because I'd miss it too much. Strip the saint of robes and he is man
Strip the bird of its meat and it is bone
Strip the lady down to nothing and she is raped. I am unrealism My mouth waters like the demon
The demon who has only eaten once My water taints in the sun
My body fails in the night
My vision fades in the mountains
And my soul is burnt by the tides My water taints in the sun
My temple begs for the moon
Your church is full by the eighth
Your lesson is concealed by faith


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