We Never Truly Drown

Now the leaves are turning to shades of oranges, yellows, and reds, 1


and the ash of yesteryear's past has eluded me, as have my regrets. 2


I have faced the dark and have trudged on into the night 3


My life has drifted through my hands like time, water in the moonlight 4


The time that life entails is a winding river that cannot be felt twice more, 5


because the everlasting flow that has since passed is rather obscure, 6


in the sense that it can never truly be faced without retrospection, 7


the recollection not being a form of oppression 8


-but rather a designation. 9


Time is like the ocean inside you that breathes shapeless matter into your very essence; 10


the waves will make their best endeavor to bring you down, and push you back to where you wish you could have begun-with benevolence. 11


Your very being thirsts to dive right in at the mistiest of times into the most bathysmal fathoms of the sea, 12


where your thoughts remain forever murky, 13


yet you cannot truly tell just how deep it is, 14


while the cacophony of bitter silence in your mind surrounds you within the trenches. 15


We all either sink, either drift, either float, either crash, either submerse, either drown in our inner waters, 16


but how we overcome the dimmer things is like the wave that falls around us that leaves us breathless- 17


and how we stand again in the whitecap is that that proves we have always been there-as our harness, 18


and when the rain pours down where you stand-now you will know. 19



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