Dear Water,

You have always been the love, Life of my Body.

From my very existence, I have had you,

By my side nurturing me. I could not live,

Without your endless flow, Of eternal love.

But the truth is, I have not always noticed you.

When I did, I used you, For my own purposes,

And I did not care, What I did to you. Day by day,

You have grew bitter towards me, And your essence slowly,

Left. Years have gone by, And your love of me, All but forgotten.

My skin loosened, And my eyes sagged. My hair grew white,

And my bones grew frail. It has taken all my life, To finally realize,

That you, Water have been, My only true friend, Throughout life,

And when you left, My heart has never, Been the same.

I have looked for your love, For many years, With my eyes upon earth,

I could never find you, So I could finally, Apologise.

These are my final moments, And as I lay, Down on the ground,

Heaving, Looking at the sky. This is when I saw, A cloud and right there,

I knew it to be true, That the beautiful cloud, Is your home.

I write this message, In the winds, In hope, it will find,

You so I may, Apologize, For my ignorance. Soon I will take,

My last breath, And my body will join you, Among the clouds.

Until then, Much love,

My Eternal Water

Yours truly,

The Life Of Earth


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