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Is odorless and tasteless
Formless and shapeless but at the same time all shapes because water can shape shift
(React and adapt to vibrations)
Water is colorless but necessary to people of all colors and hues after all
Is 60% of the human body and covers 80% of the earth’s surface in ponds and lakes
Oceans and seas
Beaches and islands that could just as easily be destroyed by the water from hurricanes tidal waves and tsunamis
Water is sometimes colloquially referred to as H2O and is a polar compound composed of one hydrogen atom and two oxygen atoms
Water is liquid at room temperature freezes at 32 degrees Celsius and in heat becomes water vapor
Water vapor collects in the sky to form clouds clouds become filled with water and water may fall to the earth in the form of snow sometimes sleet or hail but usually does so as rain and rainwater can fuck up your new hairdo rain on your parade or just collect in puddles and such until it evaporates and nature’s process starts all over again
Water is the reason why the sky is blue but why is water wet?
Nobody knows (because)
Water is a mystery
Relatively incompressible and incomprehensible but nevertheless fundamental and absolutely essential to all life which is why in Latin water is referred to as the
FONS ET ORGO (the source and origin)
And the Hindu’s Bhagavad Gita states we have all emerged from the primordial sea and its true because once you was a little baby in your mother’s womb filled with water and then her water burst and lo and behold you were born covered in water and probably baptized in water
Because water is a universal symbol for spiritual purification
Renewal and rebirth
You heard the song
Wade in the water chillun!
This is a man’s world but it wouldn’t be nothing without water!
Man made a boat for the water like Noah made the arc because the Lord was gon flood the earth with water in the book of Genesis Genesis meaning Beginning because he hath created every living thing from water said the Koran
And it was the water in the Nile Tigris Euphrates and Yellow rivers that gave birth to the world’s earliest civilizations and the civilization of Atlantis which is rumored to be lost somewhere deep underwater
The transporter of the dead across the river Styx in ancient Greece
Of trading goods in commercial ships and of
Africans in slave ships during the middle passage across an Atlantic Ocean
That is filled with saltwater
But there is also the freshwater to be found in ponds
Mineral water tap water dishwater bottled water ionized and flavor enriched water
Water in aqueducts under the bridge over the damn and in the soil
Which reminds me to remind you to water your seeds if you want them to grow into plants and water your plants to grow a garden?
They say blood is thicker than water but blood is 83% water so where is the logic in that?
Without water you’d be just like a fish out of water
But you’re ears are full of water and you don’t want to listen
But what more can I say? You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make the jackass drink or understand just how vital is water when its summertime 4th of July hot and we fiend for it
To quench our thirst
We wash wounds with it
Wash our hair our clothes and our asses with it while dead fish are washing up on the polluted shoreline we buy 16 ounces for a dollar twenty five
We bathe in it
Iron with it
Steam with it
Cook with it and clean with it
Shower with it and in 5 minutes use more of it than a poor Indian family will have for an entire day
Yet we go to amusement parks and play with while 1.5 billion people are in desperate need of water
Corrupt industrial cats make millions selling it meanwhile every year 4 million people die from diarrhea caused by lack of water and other water related diseases
98% of which occur far far away in the third world netherworld where women walk an average of 3.7 miles daily to collect water everyday 7 days a week over a period of 16 hours that’s 4 more hours than the half a day you spend laying on your ass
Add it up
Do the math the next time you’re relaxing in your evening bubble bath or you flush 5 liters of water down your toilet or use it to wipe off your sneakers
Just think about it you only have to go to your sink for it while most
Live without
© 2013 Karl Lawrence


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