Water Quality


United States
47° 4' 43.2336" N, 123° 34' 55.3404" W

Rivers and oceans
And lakes all around,
Just search one of them
And trash can be found.

Water gets worse
As time passes on,
Just keep on polluting
And your drinks will be gone.

That one little bag
Doesn't seem like a lot,
But it all adds up
Into one giant pot.

Toxins release into
Fast running waters,
It enters the oceans
And hurts all the otters.

The water gets murky,
It's dangerous to drink,
Look at the water
That comes out of your sink.

Health is affected
In hazardous zones,
Creatures are left
In nothing but bones.

Water won't clear
'Til we take good care,
Keep the Earth healthy,
It won't kill you, I swear.

Recycle that bottle,
Pick up that old can,
If we all work together
It could be a good plan.

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