The Aquatic Garden


12046 atlantic Rd.
United States
37° 52' 27.3864" N, 75° 31' 17.1552" W

The aquatic garden, when seen from space, is vast, mystical, and blue

It has many unique, sea creatures living in it too

Some burrow, some float, some dart from side to side

But many dance and move with the ever changing tide


I hope to one day visit this world in a submarine

To see these marine creatures up close and even some new things.

But for now I am stuck on land

I hope they all won`t be destroyed by man


Mankind has dumped toxins of all kinds

It makes the ocean ecosystem ill, but we don`t mind

We would rather keep our wasteful life style and our pockets full of green

We convince ourselves that there is plenty of ocean, why keep it clean


But as time flies, the ocean will be filled with toxic goop

The heavy metals, nuclear waste, and trash will become a poisonous soup

Many creatures will choke on this poison, suffocate, or starve

 The lush and beautiful Aquatic Garden will look more like a grave yard


Even though this future is morbid and grim

I`ve made it my life mission to make this reality slim

I want to educate people about the reality of pollution

And possibly create an alternate solution


Though many will criticize me for my desire

To keep the Aquatic Garden full of life and afire

I see beauty in the ocean blue

Maybe I can help others see it too



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