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"It's a fair world"

Heard often.

"Humans are all equal."

Another saying.


Five miles away, a well.

The child sets off into the blazing sun.

Footsore and weary, they arrive at the water.

Only to have another five miles to walk, carrying a heavy urn.

The water is collected and carried home.

That one pot, it will last the whole day.

Slowly draining away.

Perhaps someone will go for water later in the day.

But then again, perhaps they won't.


In other countries, a filthy river.

The only water source for miles.

Teeming with disease.

Overflowing with human and animal faeces.

Filled with dead creatures.

The water isn't fit for animals to drink.

But men, women and children have no choice.


When we want water, we turn on a tap.

It flows, clean and pure.

We have to do nothing to get it.

It is, ater all, a necessity.


"It's a fair world."

They said with pride.

Is it?

This poem is about: 
Our world



Nice poem, really made me think.


Great poem. One tip, though, the third line-"Humans are all equal"- takes away from your poem. Instead of thinking of how fair the water problem in African countries and many other undeveloped countries are, I am thinking of problems of race and such. So it draws my focus away from your main point. Just an idea. But, great poetry. It is a moving piece.

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