this great Earth

Happy changes for ours to foray, that theirs were ocean
and of black God, so could you know Ocean god was this
ogod, or primal bei is hei. Thes lors, ast ou, ocean was
black and fear, could know you in? No. But this deep could
you imaging currents and so, see. These with me could ours
know what yours was in ours. To be. Pleased at are so said it
 was Me!, that these foure,merry,hours,begone, and that
night is ocean, an this was witness shadow, in element.
Once a world fastern'd to these presences in concept, could
you know me in it. For you need any ocean, to know me in
shadow. So witness. and whether you could be borne by
it is that you could know hope. This was blue and
blue is beste when green is the envy, but borne, all there
wase, so there ao is borne beste, but there best alone you
could call it, ao... So here hark was ours if you know what
these do, but that pure green or of mixe, but aoft, shere, it's a
name fore a coloring, beste, is, so get used to it. Borne gods of
these, Neptune and Perseus, his first son. Life being, this
ithica could maime you, by teidents? Lame away for days
that true lore is that there was false lores. Lie never once
of the blue god and be with these two blue gods, or there
happy often could they be so Perseus is demigra surely,
Homes taken back, and there he's a borne god, and that's
his color of master of or, that he was born of borne light.
Winter kisses, this ever moisture berry these theys in orange
light. This was kiss't, uv on un, o'er thyn, line, gain, shane was
to lose you, better life over to, it is that Winter is also called Flame,
Change, Medium, Media, sher, sherra, lauk, lauck, klum, mur,
shen, shen, then that song light whichis yellow could
sing on through snow down which is borne, and this could give
You a true change these winter songs, love lings, thez flemez
bersshzst, brisingr, gr, ngr, brisiiin, gyaush,t! But hot was life
if you'd bleed, and life is red, and life is rage, for there hark
LOOK at the sate of God at faced with evil. Yes.
So long as the word rin's, the color of Life is Rage, and
share sew, these, of kin,  that of cherry puse, puss'd,
luck, cherish, kiss.  share a twin cherry and if they
both bleed life, you're to mate soulse, just once
then it's freedom that you must follow. Share to
freedom if a kiss is grant, cherish under the cherry
tree branch. Life, Borne, Winter, Song, Ocean, lev these
or of for to know with Best they are new.
Berry berry berry  berry change change pink pork por, for, forests
more better for and as children of winter, these could home
yours for a while, song song, song but over of for more in was
of or to know more was there still of bor, Westys, or thein
Westyss was cerulean and snow white both, so changed about
often, once over but never. forgotten? Will they be? Westys.
Cerulean. Westys. Aund tu westyss is snow white, or or and
with, of't westys... you see? surf, this, westys, game?
It's beste out there. Colors of sons and daugh will
be fine fairn both but what are you? Finest pink
sets to ocean calléd skin still on some, but so is it fine
and well regarded, cute. But there tehy are, pink is cute berry and
light green is cute green, or rather or rather on tuu, cute well.
So set once in this life, Lif was red, and could be donn'd, but don is
violetor purple, and Song. That's Berry mind you, what that's violetor
purple? The one. VIOLET. Worlds over to know more, for Winter
Life, in Song, bud DAWN, there the trio had song that was
yellow  don violet, this DON. So over of to know a sacredt
crest in that ocould we be milde, milde, milde, coulde we
be cross't!  Over Over sure, that sure share wass, iss, off, on,
yoouu ccoouullllddd be! Cross! That was turquoise
which isn't even not getting called teal but cute cross
is still turtquise, and over of, innit, beste is of blue
and cross, of welle. So share wherever You are, you are
down to currents with, these auroro, and o, better o,
surf is called surf, that's ash white, okay? So of that
it was ocean colored still, could you grace so are clouds
and there was, CLOUD, is called, GRAYS of or, SURF
and OCEAN. Oil in ocean is not unkind, as it's mineral,
so shore, mineral does dillute there to, more, with, these
came, back, with...... Oil was brown, this was winter
ocean, or thereafter, Earth was Mineral. MINERAL. Life
brings you Cream with song at faintest set mineral. so shore,
is earth itself a nintendo house, so there was EARTH nintendo
realm present, along for in, to on, beloft, was we are there, these? This
there tu, green was well in occean, and this was kryptonite, and
so when gone is venom in oil deposit, gone is hell from KRYPTON
So there was life alieved. And faith. who are you and where
hail out from, gooder sir? Over to know colors call
to barest remote to to klimate reaches, we could call
wherever tokens saken these thirst, forever granted ever lost
and hoped was challenge change to where was, where was,
Fine. at loss, for theys, what was winter's son lost but
there in credit is a good winter doctor's son, song theis
of, an element of his own make. There know it would
be in kryptonite, and in gold, bure'd withing great

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Our world


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