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Why do you make me see the world the way I do?

Why can't I see it the way I did before all the bad news?

Why are you showing me the pain from people around me?

Why do people find comfort in you when I can't?

I want to feel the way you make other people feel when they connect eyes with you.

I want to be the person you make people feel you are when they see you.

But nowadays I can't be I got so much hate in me.

I swear I wasn't this hateful when I was younger.

Do you remember?

Remember the happy times when you saw me racing friends barefooted around the apartment?

I just remembered why I love being barefooted and why it brings me to this happy place that I can't find.

Now days go by and I know you see it, the pain in my eyes, moments where I just want to cry.

Because I can't help everyone around me from this hell.

A reality that my friend couldn't see past when he pulled the trigger.

The friend who couldn't see past the bottles he was drinking and now spending time in the prison system.  

Dear Eyes,

Do you rememeber?

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