Aqueous Glory

Thu, 01/28/2016 - 21:29 -- Ascetic


Ocean eyes keep me in sight

Its hand tenderly holding mine

Ensuring I’m kept in the light

The rolling waves, embellished with the unknown


And yet the unknown had never felt so lovely.


Jellyfish enticing, lingering brightly

Like fairy lights coming to greet me

They pulse with life, warm and demure

Silent hymns resound from each leap taken


And yet they remind me of angels in aeternum.


Bubbles flourish with the morning fanfare

Silent yet vibrant, reflecting rainbow prisms

Ranging from yellow, red, and blue

And found uniquely, other kinds of hues


And yet painting the tides brought watercolor a deeper meaning.


I submerge myself into the deep

Allow the currents to cradle myself calm

I see pearls and shells twinkle alight

Alike stars do in the sweetness of night


And yet with quiet dignity they embrace beauty in all forms.


Schools of fish, dancing so sublime

Swirling and twirling about in a blurry tango

Just like dreamy clouds they soulfully drift by

Varying in size, from the majestic world to a glinting eye


And yet despite differences, proudly they reside.


I peruse your glory, dearest coastline

Blessed and praised by the water

With horizons streaked across I will not falter

The artistry California cradles may seem like mere sand and sea,

And yet both realms together creates a paradise for me.

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Our world


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