Desolate Dreams

It came upon a dream one night,
You took my hand, the only sight.

The snow had seized, but clouded the sky.
My heart was cold, I took a sigh.

The street was empty, no one there,
I looked up, and you stood there.

There was fire immersing around your figure,
It was so right, it made me shiver.

So mysterious and tall,
Eyes of emerald, like a doll.

Your hair blew in the breeze of death,
But yet you stood there, I saw your breath.

I stared right back that cold winter night.
My hands flowing ice, and crystal lights.

My eyes became clear –so shear
We were meant to be here.

Then you offered your hand
So delicate, yet firm.

I accepted not knowing what’s to come.
The you pulled me into you, as one.

I cry with joy and relief,
And notice something strange, in disbelief.

You look down into my eyes
And kiss me as if it were forever.

All our problems and lies,
Fade away, we’ll never sever.

And then you hold me closer somehow
Whispered to me -“I’ll be here for you, as I am now.”

Your fire wanes and diminishes,
And my iced hands stop the snow.

Never again will I sorrow,
Never again will you go.

I’ll stay forever, in our heaven.
You’ll stay forever in my heart.

For you are my love, my fire.
- My one and only true desire.

I am your angel, your light.
Your only comfort every night.

As the years go by, we stood there.
- On that empty street, together as one.

Vines grow upon us as the years go by,
But still together, until we die. 


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