Thankful, I AM thankful for my life and the people that made it so.  

who I now know as the first God I ever met, I AM bone of her bone flesh of her flesh. 

Created IN/Baptized her very own image as she was brought forth in the image of my grandmother.

My mother also did miracles for She also Created my two brothers IN/Baptized her own image.

bone of her bone flesh of her flesh as my grandmother did by the breaking of her living 

water baptized my uncles "Sinless" for this I AM thankful.


Who has had the nerve to sand in her place my mother, my moon generator of the unknown.

True to nature, true to life my mother was never A-dam's wife, for this I AM thankful

How could they mistake my mother progenetor of soul(s) for Eve-L, who is the image of A-dam the tiller bone of his

bone flesh of his flesh his magic is that he turned himself into wo-man, could A-dam be

not only the first sinner but the first transgender?  I AM thankful that we are not related.


I AM thankful for Wisdom she uncovers the myths of cocreation as she shines her light on IN and Amen.

The two Witiness to Thee Virgin Maiden that has no beginning and has no end she just is I AM thankful for that.

I AM thankful that "as the world turns" we are not in the same place in our dark mother space that gave birth to

the moon who gave birth to the sun/fertilizer for this I AM thankful.

I AM thankful for Mother Earth, like me she has taken a beating, yet her beauty, like that of the heavens and my mother(s)

are unmatched and I AM thankful for that.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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