What I Need To Survive

Tue, 04/05/2016 - 12:00 -- BLDavis

Salt! do not drink it;

Needs to be purified to consume.

Ingested in this state makes you vomit,

Possibly put you in a tomb.

Without it you’ll meet your doom.

This cannot wait.

Even essential to help flowers bloom.

But looking around I think life sealed my fate.


More important than the milk from a mother’s tit

More valuable than an heirloom,                          

More essential than a fitbit,

More crucial than a clean pair of fruit of a loom.

Comes pouring down when the sky is gloom.

Helps me maintain my heart rate.

Enjoy drinking it in the lunchroom.

Makes sure I don’t over insulate.


Lubricates your joints so you can sit.

Aid in cellular transport, I assume.

Can even find it in your spit

Mother’s wait for it to break in the delivery room

Can’t get it up with a broom

Makes up about sixty percent of our body weight

Acts as a shock absorbent so we don’t go kaboom

Keeps us in a homeostatic state


Surrounds us when we are in the womb

When it is frozen we can figure skate

Keeps us clean in the washroom

Fresh water is what I believe is great.

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