Confusion, oh the deep waters of confusion,

It swallows you whole and stirs up your thoughts.

You feelings drop down to the bottom, dark and sandy,

Logic and beliefs bubbling up to the surface evaporate away.

There is nothing to turn to, no alibi to plead help.

In those deep waters you struggle on by         yourself

Those waves of confusion try and claim your breath,

The currents below try to drag you to your death.

Gasping, going, flailing, screaming…glug…




                                             Down you go.

How you got in this sea you’ll never know,

You reach upward and yearn for pure air.

Everything goes still. The churning currents cease.

Time moves in blank, black slides as you slip further down.

Peace instead of air fills your lungs and franticness subsides,

A smile forms on your blue lips and you taste the cool water.

Your mind is clear.


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