Time Was Like Water

Time was like water,
But you were like wine

Sweet ocean, bruised and black
Bleeding the times

Yes time was just like water
And time just floated quickly on
Now I'm here
And dear, you've been away so long

You raked my rose, my garden bower
I thought you colder than the moon

Not realizing you'd left seeds
And wounded flowers have since bloomed

Yes you carved me, stuck me, missed
You never lingered in your kiss

Yes, time was like water
But you were wine
So long I've been in need of just your kind

Discarded books of birds, let's walk the streets tonight
Throwing knives in strangers walls, never caring if it's right
And you can paint me red or black
You know I'll always share my white
And you can turn my dreams to memories
I'll hold you every night
Let's go to that cat's place where Bob Dylan's in the air
We can do up all his dope and leave and laugh, cause we don't care
You can leave me in the morning
I'll be sad, but still aware
That just a night with you is better
Than being a billionaire
I love you too much
I'm turning blue without your touch
Sweet, sweet serpent friend
We'll meet again.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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