A Walk


So I walk aimlessly
Without aim


Where did I come from?
Well, that’s a trivial matter


I took my first step when the frost fell, and
It clung with such a convincing amount of desperation
I almost thought it belonged here,
But in the time it took for my
Heart to wrap its mind around it, I was
Beguiled rather grievously, and I watched as the
Evidence was destroyed
Slow and deliberate
Dripping into muddy oblivion, beyond what
My hemmed-in ingenuity could ever behold and gaze upon


Before I knew it,
I was meandering in the distance between water and shore, and
The transition was an intense experience
To first be alone, then
To be a lonely wind-chime, irresolutely
Oscillating in the lonely wind.
A strange stranger slows his footsteps,
Entranced by the sound, as I am
Now, by the sound of my soul
Singing, a lonely song


That same night I dreamed
And I strayed into the mysterious temperament of 


My fingers touch and grasp the piercingly
Cold dial –– and I turn it



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