The Beauty of Michigan

Every other summer we travel to Michigan
The landscape's so open and calm
The beauty of the tall hills of sand
The beauty of the freshwater lake

All the hills are mounds of sand
The dune grass poking beneath your feet
The feel of the grains on every part of you
Lying down

The heat of the sun hidden by trees
The light still permeating the air
The sun illuminating the beautiful shoreline
The sparkling waves under the sun's harsh glare

The hills are alive with the sound of music-
The music of deer clip-clopping around
Jumping over whatever gets in their way
They pause and listen for a safe sound

The water moving gracefully up and down in the lake
The waves moving at their own pace
The ease at which they vertically stroll
Every one in its place

Walking to the beach and seeing other people
Burying yourself in a hole
Letting the waves wash over your body
You feel whole

The ocean cannot be told what to do;
it moves along by itself
Crashing against the weathered sand.
Staying calmly in one place.

You hear a loud 'pop!' and look 'round in surprise
You realize it's Fourth of July
You walk to the fire with a smile on your face
And know you can't ever say goodbye

Pentwater, Michigan's such a great town
The people are friendly, the town is small
So easy to go through, so beautiful to see
The real world is hidden behind this small wall

Sitting around, eating Blue Moon
Watching the band perform
Lying on the grass with a blanket inbetween
Enjoying the unity of family

At night when you can just walk through the town
You find all the beaches, the lightouses too
You smile as you notice the beauty of sunset
You love this town and it loves you too

You walk to the house and see family and friends
You go out and start climbing hills
You walk through the woods, the dense hills of trees
You smile and laugh and have fun

Running up to the attic and running back down
The creaks of old stairs underfoot
The warmth in your body from the shaky old place
The place that means everything to you

You return to the beach and pick up some sand,
throw it and hide in a fort
The sand's a great hideout 'til the wall crashes down
And your friends come in and get you

You jump in the lake and feel the cool water
Flowing all over your skin
You dive underneath and are freezing but laughing
And splashing all of your friends

The day starts to end and you go to the fire
Making s'mores and just warming up
You look into the fire and start to grow tired
Then walk back down to the beach

Looking up at the sky from down below
The sunset removing your breath
You realize what place you really are in
And know you are finally home.


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