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I’ve bathed... 2/3's of the earth- Licked the shores and the surface- Asked myself if sacrificing me for you is worth it- When my soul began hurting, couldn’t talk cause’ the worlds too busy with it's work- and my children continue lurking behind human disasters, the greed just like to search in...side my body, don’t deserve it- Feed your hunger, yet the problems just turn worse- Then how could you ever understand my importance- I will make up more than half your body, with that you can be certain- I'm a selfless type of person- Trying to exchange complaints, I see no interest in conversing- So I'll blow up and start cursing- With the tsunamis and the floods- Excuse my language but the anger flows in blood- All I've ever shown was love- Even garden nature, flowers, plants and bugs- Even they're a bit more grateful, guess they're the only ones- Who don't waste me by the tons- I was made free, there’s nothing to be won- In reality it's kind of dumb- Like paying sums to watch the sun- Explaining’s pointless, so I guess that I’ll be done- But once your garbage starts to bother me- I wont react as motherly- This thrash intends on drowning me- And the cages you all sell me in, are emotionally pounding me- Radiation is astounding me- Every year there's more bullsh*t found in me- How can I make you see, this dilemma that you've caused- Unconscious ways of using me, is becoming my own loss- In the end I am the boss, and at the moment I seem soft- But if your greed continues, then I'll be one to talk- Stop using me so blindly- Watch the world and react to these problems wisely- Cause’ there should be no thirsty child trying find me- Just cause’ he can't find me doesn't mean I’m hiding- Reject the stupid price and watch me run with proper timing- Be kind enough to share, because I create life- We can clean me up as well as you- If you agree to going green than that means your living blue~

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