The Big Rain

Wed, 09/30/2015 - 12:51 -- M Cubed

Strangled by the showerhead

She answers but she doesn't speak

She's too busy staring at the wall

Making sure it doesn't leak.


She sways and sinks, continues to think

Of steps and stones beneath our bones

And times abandoned long ago

The paint is peeling oh




Every moment we take for granted 

Is another moment dark and slanted

Their words and turns have all gone rancid

But in them we still lie enchanted.


It's hard to remember we aren't forever

In that thought most don't take pleasure

A thoughtless life is what they treasure

Even when that life is gone what




Movement stops with a definite flop

Strings tangled and twisted - how could anyone ever have missed it?

We are blind to every mask

Why make the effort to try and last?


The wall has cracked - a thunderous flood

No means of control, a marionette

Much too late the strings detach

She's hanging limp, cold



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Our world
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