Farewell, The water bode

Tue, 12/29/2015 - 14:12 -- Vyrine

In the corner sits my daughter,Her skin dry and lips chapped<br>She begs those who walk by for water<br>The people walk by, their responses are apt<br>No says one woman, we need some for us<br>Although my daughter cries, and clamors and calls<br>Not a single drop of water, into her pitcher falls<br><br><br>  My son is at war, but he isn’t fighting for others<br>He’s at war with his body, his own blood and flesh<br>He screams in his sleep, calling for his brothers<br>He wants to show them the water he sees, falling so fresh.<br> Dreams are the only places we can get water<br>He kicks and rolls, aching to get there first,<br>But none of the water in his dreams can slake his thirst.<br><br><br>  My wife she tries to make dinner<br>No soup, no broth, no brine<br>She tries to feed us, though she keeps getting thinner. <br>She thinks water is like a diamond, with its irresistible shine.<br>She’s wrong though, water is more precious<br> Water is a rare gem, it sparkles and shines<br>In a lagoon with flowers, that hang low on vines.<br><br><br> Outside in the heat my brother does strive <br>To push muddy water from the pump<br>And in his mind the water comes alive<br>It is a beautiful woman, gorgeous and plump<br>He too has been taken by the water’s sweet temptation<br>His skin is like paper, it is drying out<br>As we continue to try to live in this drought <br> As for me, I walk the long road<br>With a pot upon my head<br>Even as a small child I strode <br>Along this dried river bed <br>But back then there was water<br>Oh! How it glowed.<br>But as the world grew hotter<br>Farewell, the water bode. <br>   

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Couldn't figure out how to include breaks for lines and stanzas. Oops! 


Hello!  Can you please email me?  I'd like your permission to reprint this on an assessment for students.

It's lovely and heartbreaking.  Makes a wonderfully important difference.


This thing won't let me post my email address (says spam) but it's sky_ranch_girl (at the server that beginning with Y, dot com).


Thank you!



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