A Larkspur on Inks Lake


United States
30° 12' 55.3932" N, 97° 47' 45.6432" W

We sank our toes into the sand beneath the water
While I told him how my father was like his father's father.

I'm still convinced it was his toes in that sand
And an undercurrent of compassion so quietly grand
That churned the deep waters of Inks Lake
To bring the ducks in on its waves and its wake.

I wanted to whisper, "I'll wait because it's you."
"I want four walls and angel-winged begonias with you."
"I'll wage a wildflower war for you."
"I want to weather and age with you."

But I sat silent
In a tuneless song of resounding contentment,
In endless thoughts of the day he'll find my outer edges.
I'll say, "I'm glad you've made it to these red rocks and flowers.
Please sit with me for hours and snap the perfect picture of my purple imperfections."

For him, I'll steal Orion's belt
To buckle the Zodiacs to the trees
Until the night sky and day sky melt together
And I can watch him fly forever on their breeze.


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