My Ocean

Thu, 04/30/2015 - 23:45 -- Aegis


United States
26° 20' 22.3944" N, 98° 22' 28.4592" W

The ocean has waves, moving in style,

Endlessly lapping the shore. 

Waves big and waves small, they roll cross the mile,

That such limited eyes can't see more.


The ocean has clouds, far higher than her,

Drifting forever apart. 

Yet stubbornly they talk, their words are a cure,

That heal broken water's green heart. 


The ocean has chasms, dropping for miles,

Far past the ocean's dark floor. 

And while there's no light, there still can be smiles,

For the depths can't match the sunshine ashore.


The ocean has storms, spells that can't lie,

Causing chaos continually. 

But while the waves smash, the heavens do cry,

Shedding tears that will fill up the sea.


The ocean has shores, landscapes of sand,

Where the entity is forced to an end.

But yearning to be there, the people of land,

Come to be with an old friend. 


The ocean has beauty, with the sunset of gold,

Shining against the calm water,

And though tides may change, and waters grow old,

Never could the sun bear to leave her. 


The ocean has reefs, of great size and importance,

Far beyond reach of mere men.

For mere men cannot see, the reefs beautifulness,

But the blind men will never be men. 


The ocean has flaws, minor impurities,

Ones that call for attention.

But still it lies there, admired by queens, 

Who are simply to awestruck to mention. 


The ocean has me, forever lost in the flow,

Stuck, but not wanting to leave. 

For how does one go, away from all that they know,

Who wouldn't prefer the lost joy, than to grieve?


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