The mind quiets when the heart witnesses.

Sitting along the waters edge the wind flows gently across the water stirring the current slightly. Rocks and earth bellow the water, as the water glides downstream it eases the senses to a place of calm. There's no amount of jewels or adornments which can replace serenity which only God demonstrates. The simple building blocks which are intrinsically the same in all cultures, inspires each of us differently. This knowing and understanding of God's grace is compassion. As the fish playfully jump in the waters catching the bugs, the children downstream explore the rocks near the waters edge. This wholeness and quieting of the mind and heart is the breathe of God's grace. There is no competition, no strife, no struggle and no control when it comes to matching God's grace! Even as a storm generates there is cause behind it and effect after the storm. We can choose this peace in each moment simply by listing and seeing with love.

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