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Nightshade waves cascade down  framing porecilin white skin and red, seductive lips. Her hips, gentle curves that have been touched, carressed.   At first she seems okay.
When you commit suicide you kill yourself Others then die inside and are robbed of wealth You are valuable to others more than you know Suicide just let’s all your weaknesses show
Broken by the words they said I 
You look.
A Pane of Glass Is As Bland As A Blank Page. Solidity, Wholeness, Smothness, Are False Perfections Boring And Unattainable.
I chase what I'm not, What I choose to be. I learn I run I play I watch I do I try Why? I will never master anything, But it's what I love; What's new,
Creep into the day  aware with an unforgiving glance on your face deepend with hate and anger spit out the foul words that were once used against you and then bleed the picture on canvas.
my chest risesjust as the sun doesand water coursesthrough Motherjust as blood does my veinsshe takes my breath awayand I cry in jealousyas she begs me, pleaseto love myself
With curves large and wide that are slick as butter   brown hair that glistens in the sun   Hazels eyes that reflect the way I feel     A bubbly personality for everyone there   Short temper that gets the best of me   A follower of God,jesus hims
As I move once again to a new state. I hold on to all the memories   Willingfully I go with a heavy heart but hopeful spirits.   Now I say to myself,
Beauty is as thin and temporary as the Skin cells we shed each day, so Pull out the X-ray and take a deeper Look, for true beauty lies within  In the muscle that gives me strength And connects the
Beauty is as thin and temporary as the Skin cells we shed each day, so Pull out the X-ray and take a deeper Look, for true beauty lies within  In the muscle that gives me strength And connects the
  My imperfections are in no way diminishing my value! For I am Priceless,
I'm a leader. But my value doesn't depend on how many followers I have.   Picturesque.  Pounds of makeup doesn't define beauty nor does 100+ likes on a photo.  Social Media. 
Dentists would always call me "Bucktooth Beaver," Potentially straight teeth, was everyone, even I, a nonbeliever?   The other girls said my breasts remind them of a boy,
I was born into a world of loss and pain But I still live my life happy worshiping God’s name My mama working all the time
I know what's right from wrongI know where I belongI know where to goI know what not to showThey see a goody too-shoosThey see blacks and bluesThey see a teacher's pet
Oil perculates from the deep yellow skin, a false smile perfereates deep from within, the heart feels like this could be a sin, waiting for the alarm to go off so I could begin.  
A turbulent mind
"Size 16" I wasn't always this size and I wasn't always this way. I was a size 10 now I'm 16. People behind my back calling me names, saying "Fat", "Loser", "Stupid", and "Worthless". 
They tell me my skin isn't perfect and think I can control it,  like it's my choice to have acne, and I can just make it go away. It's my body, not yours.     They tell me I need to eat more,
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, my beauty is upclose near
Sincere, that's what people tell me. Because I'm honest, and I mean what I say.
I am who I am  Only I can do me like I can do me You can't teach self confidence It comes with taking what others say about you And making it irrelevant
I've come to terms with who i am. Sure it took time, but here i stand.   Flawless looks hard and seems unatainable but flawless is all around. The way I can dance,  my love for singing,
Hold on Turn around Take a look at what we've found I've had a hard time believing  That everything happens for a reason But I see it I see it now   I don't know where I'm going
God created a lot of things. 
You're just killing yourself.   Your eyes grow more dim, the night flooding your vision. Your mouth speaks of things only said when lust kisses your lips. Your mind retreats to the darkest corners
I wake up, silence. The earth applauds. My very life-meaningful. It has a cause. I breathe, I feel. I am existing. Lights, cameras, who needs them? I make myself who I am. Fame and glory? Just words overused. Respect is the real reward.
I am independent, strong, and ambitious I’ve got goals, aspirations, that are oh so vicious Because I don’t hold myself down, I keep myself up 
I never saw this as a problem I never thought it would be
All my life you sang me one song, Education. To go to college And gain exceeding knowledge, That I would need to succeed, Now you say That I may have to stay? For you cannot pay
I swim inside a sea of ocean blue. It shimmers so gaily, so tried and true. It turns to tears cried throughout the night As men in Afghanistan try to fight.   Then transforms to red of blood and fire,
I have such a beautiful smile,
Flaws ​I wake up and look in the mirror.
I am the queen, I am the ruler. My body is my kingdom. It may be quite war torn,
No, I did not just wake up like this, I was created and I was born like this.  I'm perfectly imperfect. Not caring what the others do, Its up to me, all that I do,
In high school everybody wants to be cool well guess what, I'm not a tool. i don't care what people say, i do things my own way. i shop at the thrift store, so what if my clothes are a bore?
Accepting. Powerful. Integrity. Looking in the mirror these are the words I see in me I See a Queen The warmth of her soul equally coheres to the fire in her eyes
My kind have been here longer than most. We are warriors, Nobility by deed. Worshipped for our beauty and strength,
You. Yeah you. Listen up closely. If you can dream. You can achieve. The only thing stopping you, is you. So lace up your shoes, look in the mirror, and go get it.
I wonder what they're all after. My closest goal to reach is hapiness or laughter. If you don't enjoy it, why do you do it? To pay for things that you do, and then when it breaks, you pay to glue it.
With filters, I may look "girlie"  I may look happy and carefree.  Therefore, you may not think of me as a band "dork" How can I be a marching band girl with good looks?
Reflecting back at me  My crooked nose and too-thin wrists
Advancing through a life of change and struggle, feeling as if your adheering to society's perfect image. Then one day the discovery for yourself stops. You've found it within someone else's words.
Not triumph, but failure; Not prosperity, but defeat;
Flaws and time go hand in hand Merrily skipping around the land Hi-fiving everyone in the face Giving us wrinkles and filling us with false disgrace   I am flawless because I greet them with a hug
My true self lurks behind the doors wooden frame, Locked up in society's chains.  The true me is not who I appear to be  For the world discriminates against me.
Me flawless,  but still imperfect. Living in a tasteless society as
I may not be the perfect girl, but let me give "flawless" a whirl. I'm tall and awkward, I'm too loud to be heard. I know not everyone likes it, but I rarely care a bit. I'm #flawless because well,
Her story started like everyone else She had two parents, two sisters And lived in a house She had friends, and family for miles and more Not knowing the rain was starting to pour  
Not Your Conquest There is no distress In this damsel I am not the conquest In the grand adventure of your story
Amazing, to me, is how music can take you  Places imaginations would go. Whatever the theme, it begins with a dream Its boundaries and limits not known.   Rather inspiring, to me, to hear
As I stand in the mirror everyday I think about what changes I've made what chances I took The regrets I have  The life I've lived The years ahead I realize what I used to be is not the key
Do ya know who I am, behind the makeup, the dress? Behind the flaws, and the fear, man I'm flawless! I've given up on caring bout' what others think of me, cuz the truth is what I'm wearin' is the skin of me.
Role modes are role models for a reason In our eyes we see perfection, Admiration, Envy,
There are few things in this world that need a filter Coffee being the main one Was I sub post to be born with one Or can they be installed like a TV   How can things improve If no one tells you
In today's society and social media, Beauty is changed in many ways. Social Media has changed our view of others.
I am the Earth and the soil.
Kneel to the throne!And all hail your majesty,Now!--or be stoned.And you ask am I stoned?
He gears up, readies himself. String by string, he dons his armor, piece by piece.
When I look in the mirror who do I see? Let me be honest, I see a girl who hurts on the inside and can't control herself all the time. I am the type to just be alone in my room and sit there and think. 
High School is wearing thin. What have these 4 years taught me? Why, that is to keep high your chin.
When I walk, heads turn "Who is this girl with all the confidence in the world"? Lift my head high, you would'a swore I was lookin at God himself! When I talk, heads turn
Ratty hair, Red at one point, now half brown Roots exposed. Eyes, small
Those were the days that I hated being me
Everyone thinks I'm flawless in this school The teachers, the students, the janitor that cleans the pool. Everyone thinks I can do it all Good grades, a girlfriend, and a star playing baseball.
Shutter Snaps Perfect Picture Fancy Filter But which one? Sierra? no Sable? no Sutro? Yes, that's perfect. 110 Likes...   But Who Am I, Behind the filters? Who Am I,
Strength Oh how much weight that word holds..
Who remembers what it’s like to be a virgin?
They say she laughs too much Her red lipstick is smeared and she doesn't play nice Torments of sneers pass her in school halls
Flawless. No flaws. Perfection. Beauty. True. Love. I. Me. Self-acceptance. Flawless.
Because your mind is bigger than the milky way.
The sun is pulled down the same way you pull me closer to you
You'll hear from a lot of people, that recover is a road.
a woman with sad eyesbelongs to a speciesall unto her ownshe wears her grief as pearl earringsand sings melodies as she makes the bedshe drinks earl-grey tea
I am beautiful, maybe not in the way some others would think but I am. I am strong; I can't lift twenty pounds but I can keep smiling because I am. I am determined, there is nothing that can stop me; I know I am.
Blessing from me to you. You mirrored my every move.
  When I was eight years old, I was a ghost for Halloween. But when I knocked on my neighbor’s door, she still noticed me and handed me a Snickers bar. But you didn’t do the same.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles,5’6”  and 150 pounds,My appearance won’t dictate my success. 1970 SAT, 29 ACT score,4.6 GPA, and 63rd in my class of 500.My academics won’t dictate my success.
A mirror only shows what you let it; It displays an image which eyes can distort. Most teenagers see a less-than-perfect image, But the mirror sees truth and perfection.
I was already there, waiting at a brink, looking for a clutch.A thing I could look towards and ask for helpBut within the noise and the frustrationI couldn't find a sign.
I woke up like this, cranky, sluggish, fuzzy I woke up like this, ***Flawless I woke up like this, tired, cold, makeup smeared, I woke up like this, ***Flawless I woke up like this,
The trick to being flawless Is that you must be lawless Obey noone's expectations don't use their fixations Don't look and find what they see Understand you'll always be dreamy 
I was not meant to be a thing made of plain happenings and I am more, made up of manyunfolding, shrinking, expanding breaths
Imprisoned in her own
I am young and not nearly done, What could I become? Thoughts whirled, Anything possible in this world. My imagination works day and night, I am like a knight. My pencil is my sword,
In a great, small depth of the world
I am Cinthia 
  What makes me flawless?
You're a coward that is full of messPushing me around and hitting me in my chestYou're a coward that has no heartBeating me up dragging me apartYou're a coward I say I say with grace
You wanna know what makes me flawless Acknowledging my imperfections. Having the ability to forgive and forget those who were snakes
Your beautiful just the way you are There us no need to wear makeup Don't fake it up Just the way you are You shook the world up Because your are beautiful just the way you are
Just who am I? A silent little girl?
The me without a filter is just like anyone else. Full of fear and regrets, maybe even a few insecurities.  But the me without a filter is not always seen. 
A child of Suess and a daughter of grace, in this whimsical world I was kindly misplaced. On an island of misfits I took to my tongue, like the martyrs had spoken my brilliance begun.  
Some flash exotic colors of Baby Lips Others puff out with dominance
Without my filter, who would I be?
Who knows the real me? If I look deep inside, I know I can find The real me even if I am truly blind. I let the words get to me. Knowing they are not true, But even though my eyes are blue
Her eyes are blue Her eyes are bright Her lips are flawless too And her hair is just right   Her nails are long and thin Her nose is a perfect width Her skin is considered perfection
I think of all the things I think is wrong with me. My acne, my eyebrows don't look alike, I don't have a flat stomach, my hair isn't long and luscious, I'm too plain in my clothes. I think: "I am flawfull".
Who the fuck am I, you asked.
My name is Morgan Without a filter I am normal   Without a filter my teeth are gray Without a filter my eyes are just okay Peers would describe me as pretty But that's just the filter, really  
Whenever you see your reflection
What even gave Rise to the Instagram filters? I'll bet some Earlybird got up one day, But when looking for OJ, he saw only Amaro liqueur.
A Capricorn under Saturn Ambitious, natural like earth's soil Beautiful without effects and powders Humble, do tumble, I mumble under my breath waiting to be discovered
So who am I If not what you want I am not perfect or flawless  
       Without make-up such as foundation, mascara,lipstick,eyeliner,eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil,  makes me flawless.The chemicals in these products ruin my natural look. Having make-up on is like wearing a mask.
  You were a seed, full and prosperous
Flawless. Perfect, Persistent, perpetually Precise; I pay attention to detail more than it'll suffice.   Flawless. Unique, United, uniformly Univocal;
A world where everyone wants to speak and not hear   Is a world where a smile can fade into a tear   Born into stress and a father that felt hate   
Let me start off by saying I was a victim, I was beat down and taken advantage of, Three girls, those were my bullies Physically, emotionally abusive. I was told that I'm black and ugly,
The hate of the world can beat on you The hate of the earth will make you blue Bitterness can harvest, in your heart Bitterness will make your tongue tart
I know who I am . I am one to F    E        E              L Though I am real. Deep down i am hurt, 
I know. We all know.The world is full of hurt and hate. I want you to know I am kind enough to open the gate. I am kind and passionate.  Now stop lashing' at that kid over there. Look at his poor, innocent stare. 
I am a quee
I can name you every bully I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. I can name you every day I've ever said I hated myself. I can name you every moment that I've ever felt pathetic.
Despite the clumsiness
How is it that I am under you?/ Why me?/ Am I really that different?/ Am I really easy prey?/ Am I really weak?/ Does it really give you the right to hurt me?/
Not a worry in the world Everything is fine No trouble in your life Not even through mine
Flawless is perfection Perfection is having no inadequacy But because i am flawed I am Flawlessly me You see I wasn't made to be without fault I'm proud to say I'm not perfect at all
At what point does One Become two?   Does it experience the growing pains as it's CHAnged And morPHED?   And once  two reaches 3,
To be strong it makes you feel flawless I want everyone to see what I see To be strong means to always take chances Chase the dreams that appear in front of me To stay strong in times that seem doubtful
When you feel sad, insecure, helpless Worthless, you must find strength somewhere Somewhere that cannot be overlooked Somewhere that is GREAT Somewhere that is positive Somewhere that can't be beat
"You should come to school with your hair straightened!" Why?   Sorry, Conair, nothing personal. Big, brown, and bushy when brushed, my curly hair is my thing.
I am flawless and yet deformed
Today everyone is examining the mirror to see how they look,
Verdadera princesa A true princess A young woman in a big world A first Gen' American 
"28, 28 there's decisions to make"  
I'm messed up
  My life is amazing no need to change  my life is flawless to me  My flaws  are what make me unique  Thought the hunt comes pain but  thought the joy comes happiness   I'm the image of a butterfly beauty and smart
When I was just a little girl My mom would tell me how She loved my hair of kink and curl The way she liked it down.
If I could list all the things that make me I'd start with a child no older than three It is her battling the noose of cancer--not me   My work ethic stems from two people, not three
Only one is flawless. It's not me. But I am okay with my flaws. They do not define me. I live for a greater cause, the one who is truly flawless. 
I am flawless
Who is more flawless than thee? Who is more flawless than we? Competing for a title that is only skin deep. Look in the mirror and you will see, the flawless beauty that lies beneath.
Once independence takes over, that is when you know you don't need him anymore. And when you learn to love yourself, that's when you know you won't need him to love you first.  
What does it really mean to be flawless?  
Misread and foreign i love myself Born with no father i forgive
A young woman should be bold and brazen and fearless and I, I am not. A young woman should embody grace and charm and hope and I, I am not.  
I'm a first class writer,  VIP introvert.  And don't tell me I'm not the observer,  because I am the observer of the observed.  My fingers play Fur Elise on my keys,  as I plead not to kill 
I'm not always polite but I can fake it I am determined that I can succeed I'm gonna be an archivist slash librarian I'm gonna make it despite the voices' claim otherwise I'm not mean
In the near yet far future, everyone is perfect. But no one really is. Flawless is the new term. Beyonce is our leader, Our guardian, Our mentor.
The fire in my eyes from poverty I despise I begin to realize my unwilling demise My will to win is powered by sin As I overcome pain with a pad and pen A college-bound kid that will never give up
I'm down right perfection 
"You're not good enough, Not smart enough, And what happened to your face?"   Since the beginning of time, This is what I've heard   Today, I stand to make a point
See that house,It's crumbling.One more kickAnd it's tumbling.Rain is poring downAll day and night.The wind so harshIt won't give up the fight.
See that house,It's crumbling.One more kickAnd it's tumbling.Rain is poring downAll day and night.The wind so harshIt won't give up the fight.
Dirt a substance that goes deep under Incorporating more substances
bugs crawling under my skin tiny whispers the itch of trillions of legs uglyloserwrongawkwardwrongweird no No NO i am not ruined i am not a burning building i am not damaged goods
I am a victim   I wonder why me  
Not a worry in the world Everything is fine No trouble in your life Not even through mine
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