Size 16


"Size 16"

I wasn't always this size and I wasn't always this way.

I was a size 10 now I'm 16.

People behind my back calling me names, saying "Fat", "Loser", "Stupid", and "Worthless". 

Fighting for myself because who else will?

Dose it matter that I'm a different shape or size?

Or have a different type of mind?

NO. Because everyone is different. But we are all Pink inside.

Stop telling me I'm too big. I'm sorry but you obviosly don't see I'm FLAWLESS.

After finally feeling happy with the body God gave me and accepting this is me you cant bring me down. 

I am ME just like I always will be. I am strong, I have stood up to my inner deamons and living ones. You wont lable me. I will lable myself. 

Batling society and school to get to where I want to be. But still standing and smiling.

I'm Flawless.

I have my own brain, thoughts, feelings, and values. I feel things just like you. 

I will walk and talk the way I feel. If I'm happy I will walk with a boounce in my step. I will keep my head up high while I fight for myself and my education. 

Don't stop me from searching for my light but help me reach it. 

You cant stop me from finding me light. 

 I'm Flawless...

"Accept me flaws and all and that's why I love you" - Beyonce Knowles "Flaws and All"


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