girl almighty

Sat, 11/08/2014 - 18:21 -- 15cfisk

bugs crawling under my skin

tiny whispers

the itch of trillions of legs





i am not ruined

i am not a burning building

i am not damaged goods

there is nothing wrong with me

thick lashes tripping down to nose and pink lips

there is nothing wrong with me

spanse of smooth neck sliding down to chest then stomach then hips

there is nothing wrong with me

with the stretch marks and scars that have settled into my thighs

i always thought those marks were tiger stripes 

i roar, and they give me strength

help me rip the bugs out from under my skin

squish them, pulverize them until they are nothing

and i do it with just the heel of my stilettos

because i am moonlight in red lipstick

danger in a little black dress

and i do not care what the masses may think

a tiger never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep 

for i am perfect

for i am beautiful

for i am flawless

for i am girl almighty



Yes, I love this! You go ahead and roar :)

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