FlawlessI am nothing close to


I am nothing close to the sort

Determined, more or less.

I want better for myself.

Which is Flawless


Will never thwart.

Because I progress

Or at least try, and not to inconvenience oneself.

Which is Flawless 


I am not the biggest, funniest, nor social endowed 19 year old. 

I just try

which is Flawless



Because no matter what I do, I will try.

No matter what is in my way.

I try 


I have. 

Determination, Will get me where I want to be. 


So, I try.. 

Like this poem, 

I have no idea…

But I try. 


I am determined,

To pay for school… 

So, I try. 


I am not the best.

By far,

I only know,

I am determined.


So, I try.





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