Without a Filter


United States
43° 18' 38.142" N, 77° 48' 49.878" W

My name is Morgan

Without a filter I am normal


Without a filter my teeth are gray

Without a filter my eyes are just okay

Peers would describe me as pretty

But that's just the filter, really


Without a filter my skin is spotty

Without a filter you see my real body

I'm definitely no size four

But without a filter I can offer more


Without a filter my skin is light

Without a filter my hair doesn't always look right

I am beautiful in my own way

Adding a filter doesn't really pay


Without a filter my brows are thin

Without a filter, a contest, I'd never win

Without a filter, however, I am genuine

And genuine, I say, should trend once again


My name is Morgan

And without a filter I am normal

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