They say she laughs too much

Her red lipstick is smeared and she doesn't play nice

Torments of sneers pass her in school halls

She hides falling tears down her rosy cheeks

And holds tight to her sci fi books

Not appealing, act more like a girl

Straighten you hair and smile at boys

Don't threaten men and don't whine

For being accepted counts more than your mind


Loving one's self defines respect

Accepting her curvy lines and nerdy vibes

She speaks for her creative mind

And beautifully expresses true beauty

Of a bare face and charity shop clothing

Encouraging girls it's okay, take time

Although disapproving strangers do shame

She holds her head high and smiles so bright


But baby she's flawless

She intimadates girls who live to please men

Because ignorance is sometimes her best friend

Having no flaws, she talks to her mom

About stories of love and feminist wishes

Dancing in her room at sundown

Whisps of copper hair in her bright eyes

She pauses and whispers,

"I don't need to be like them, not all."








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