Bully this bully that. . .

Wed, 11/26/2014 - 12:48 -- fp4345


Let me start off by saying I was a victim,

I was beat down and taken advantage of,

Three girls, those were my bullies

Physically, emotionally abusive.

I was told that I'm black and ugly,

I was told that I'm fat and pudgy,

So I started starving myself I was so sick,

Nobody understood why I looked the way I did,

Inside I could feel it...going tick, tick 

I had no friends, I was the new kid in school,

I was lonely so my mind was racing to conclusions,

In the halls all three kept on bumping into me,

Suicidal thoughts, those kept my company,

I was living a lie because all I did was smile,

What was I to be happy about? When nobody will even walk me down the aisle. . . . .



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