Screaming At the same Moon


The sun is pulled down the same way you pull me closer to you
The beauty or the skyline just before the sun kisses the land goodbye can not be compared to how your eyes never refuse to dull
And while our shadows leave us alone I can feel the air getting cold
But here you are with the warmth of your smile
The hot touch of your skin 
And the inviting color of your mocha brown eyes
I can't seem to get over how darling the night sky looks when it's completely dark
The calm touch of a black blanket covering us with specks of light holding us dear
Both of us shouting at the moon for it to never fall back down
Knowing that this is our one and only chance
The closeness of our coffee stained breaths make clouds of love in the chilled atmosphere
The silence of us slowly kissing in cars
And the shape of your fingers tangled in mine
I can feel it like it was the next year
Although over thousands of miles away I still believe you're near
Cause I can still hear you screaming at the same moon.


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