Kneel to the throne!

And all hail your majesty,

Now!--or be stoned.

And you ask am I stoned?

No, I'm flawless.


Do you not see this garmet?

Of gold and scarlett?

Conspirators in the kingdom

Are all just harlots.

But I'm still flawless.


Absolute and immaculate

Arrogant or just overly-confident

Marriage? I'm way too selfish for that.

Matter of Fact?

Gosh... I'm flawless.


I am queen AND king, so bow down.

Oh! I just almost dropped my crown!

Under my ruling these peasants will drown,

Please hurry scribe--write this down!!



Simply saying the word "basic" makes me nauseous!

It just sounds so ridiculous.

Must you ask if I woke up like this?

Of course I did!

I'm flawless.



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